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Anyone else use predisolone and anti inflammatories together?


I've been prescribed both but only use the anti inflammatories ( Arcoxia ) when necessary. My doctor wants me to cut down on the cortisone and use more Arcoxia but sometimes the Acoxia seems to have no effect at all. I just wondered how many other people use both.

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Hello Loco99

I was told not to use anti inflammatories with Prednisolone.

Is Arcoxia a prescription drug ?


Yes it was prescribed by my doctor. They contain Etoricoxib. My friend who has osteo arthritis takes them too.

Anti inflammatories have a limited effect for me but 5mgms of prednisolone used with them once a day is like a miracle.

Hi Loco99,

From day one, I have been on pred, calcium tabs, stomach tabs, bone tabs and 3 x 25mg of liquid anti inflammatory. My doctor wants me to come off them, only if I have no pain. I try to cut down every month, but end up going back to 3 a day. Only my left hand aches now and the right slightly.

Hope this is of some help.



Prednisolone did not work for me, My inflimation was through the roof. Methylpredisolone works for me with less side effects than what predisolone.

I wish you the best!

It turns out I'm on Methylpredisolone, another question then, what's the difference between prednisone, predisolone and Methylpredisolone? I thought they were all similar.



I would like to know the difference also.

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