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"Anti-inflammatories may aggravate Covid-19, France advises." ~ The Guardian


If this was previously posted/discussed, my apologies. I did search but saw nothing obviously related... Has anyone spoken to their Rheumy/GP about this?


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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

No it hasn’t - but link doesn't work - says page cannot be found


The fact that steroids worsened the condition of lungs in China has been discussed a couple of times. It was tried early on but like you say aggravated the condition of the lungs and general health.



Someone mentioned this on another thread, but only as what was said by a doctor in a program, didn't reference the source.

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I linked the above a bit ago... All the days have blurred!

HeronNS in reply to Hidden

I assumed the Guardian article is what Idyllic was trying to send us.

Idyllic in reply to HeronNS

Thank you it is the article I was trying to send! Cheers!


I think this is what Lynndeb was talking about on the other thread....

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They found in China that steroids wouldn't help but... We are in a different position I think. Some difficult decision will be made. I think (italics) actemra was more successful but I am sure it's gone one way or the other by now. I think Roche was going to shop loads in but could be another company. Like I say it's a bit blurry now. Looking forward to one post a day so at least we can find previous discussions.

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They have tried tocilizumab in Naples - 3 out of 6 patients showed significant improvement.

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Same as gca maybe then. 50percent significant recovery better than zero.

Yes, this is the one, sorry, I should have included a link.

No worries, I found it easily, and I’ve now changed the rather rude 'she' from my post since I’ve found your name again! 😉

Thank you I have been looking for this information about prednisolone.

Does anyone know the credentials of the man speaking?

From memory I think if you go onto his YouTube channel you will get the details of his qualifications etc there.

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Well you can't just stop pred so the rule will be to avoid getting it!

It is a problem for France because it is possible to buy pred OTC and people use it a bit like ibuprofen.

Highlandtiger in reply to PMRpro

Oh really? That seems potentially rather dangerous? I’m sometimes amazed at what you can get OTC in other countries compared to the UK. Mind you I remember when ibuprofen became available otc and not just prescription only.

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And cocodamol. When nurofen plus came out it was half pink abd half white. The had to adjust it as the white was the codeine and people were surfing chemist's and just buyin them up. That was the story in Sheffield anyway. Might be yet another urban myth. One women waztaking 65 nurofen plus tablets a day. Had a stomach bleed and surgery but still took loads and probably had more bleeds.

scats in reply to PMRpro

That was my thinking!

Not always easy to find that new thread.


I know you posted this when it was still the 16th in the UK!

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It looked like this had no replies but i have problems with my wifi so not seing full post so i deleted the message about moving as it didnt make sense. Thanks for posting link though. I have pinned the covid post now.x


And it's always been paracetamol that my dr and family have used for any fever/cold. In two previous doses of flu the only thinh that made any difference to sore throat and high fever was paracetamol.

Longtimer in reply to Hidden

Struggling to buy it now, all shelves stripped of it!...

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Yes...I never find any in the little shop I usually go to. I had to trek elsewhere. Only got one box.

The doctor on This Morning Britain just now said there wasn’t any proof of this.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to GlynisE

Had he even heard of the French observations?

I’ll be anxious to hear what your doctor says about this!

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