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Qualify for lower rate disability allowance

I have qualified for lower rate disability allowance but it seems to be more on the depression side than the gca-pmr side of things, the woman from hmrc rang me and said that in the doctors letter they had not actually diagnosed gca although they put me on the steroids , I told her that it is very hard to diagnose and that I could have lost my sight if they had not reacted quickly , the criteria for dla is very sketchy, I sent in a doctors letter and hospital letter and at least I have £41 a week to add to my ssp of £85 per week so a little better off although I still don't qualify for free prescriptions at least I only pay £29 every three months for an exemption card so better than nothing.

Not been a good week health wise this week , but I am determined to stay on 14mgs and not go back up and the end of the month I will drop another 1mg doctors and rhemy next week and blood test , oh the joys !!

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I only got low rate care and no mobility so only get £20 a week. Mine is more to do with RA than the PMR I think as they assess what you can't do for yourself. Like I struggle to dish up dinner with hot pans as my hand is painful and seized up on the pan handle so there for dangerous. I can't carry stuff up an down stairs but they won't pay out for domestic stuff like that they said. I suppose cos someone can do it for you and it's not nessecity where as feeding yourself is. I am lucky as in I get free prescriptions as I am diabetic or I would not be able to afford it all. Hope you get on well at rheumy take care and keep smiling Sue


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