I have been here before but need some advice. I was diagnosed with GCA back in march 2014 and have been off work since. Have been tapering the steroids and now down to 10mg's a day, I am having dispute at work and had a sickness review on 1st July.. I have been informed that i will no longer be paid as my sick pay has run out. I asked if i could go on disability leave but they do not have this policy in place. I informed them that i am not off work due to sickness but an impairment that could go into remission but who knows. What i would like to know is has anyone else had problems with work and being off, do i have the right to ask for disability leave even though they do not have this policy in place, and is GCA considered a disability and covered under the Equality Act 2010?


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  • Yes, GCA is covered by the DDA and I would suggest you tell them to check this and act accordingly.

  • What a worry for you - hope you can resolve it soon. I know that I would not have been able to work with my PMR. The steroids got rid of the acute pain but the other symptoms and tiredness would have made my job impossible. I was in a very busy stressful and responsible job, and on my feet all day. I retired 2 years before I was diagnosed with PMR but do wonder if the stress contributed to the PMR? Only now - on 3.5mg and 2 yrs on - am I starting to feel fairly good again- most of the time! I still have days when I am tired out but things are improving. Hope your employers will listen and become more reasonable so your stress over this will lessen.

  • What is DDA,I am 70 now but I was working up to been diagnosed with GCA 2 years gone Feb,and I applied for AA attendance allowance but was categorically refused at this time I could not walk or get out of bed it took me 1hr to get dressed and that was in great pain,never slept on ether side of my body for 18months, only slept upright 24/7 pain

    multiple embolisms and 10 discs in spine that are leaning outwards,and due to family circumstances I have a lovely bank loan that is crippling me now I am not working,but can not get any financial help,does any one else get any help? Anne

  • Hi Jan ,ive pmr gca large vessel vasculitis ,aps ,addisons ,type 1 diabetic ,also vitiligo. Ive been ill health retired from work at 51 .Have you access to occ health facility at work .Gca does come under the dea of 2010 so your employer has to make reasonable adjustments for you if possible. Ritter and Jan have you applied for personal independence payment ,go to your local disability advice centre ,local authority will have one .They will assist you to fill in the forms .Its not means tested so you can still actually work and be entitled to it .Jan if you are a member of a trades union get them on board also.Good luck with it all it is extra stress we don't need with this illness.

  • Jan you may be entitled to esa if you have paid full stamp for last 2 years .I got this until I was awarded my pension from work. If you have been paid ssp and it runs out you will be entitled to the contributions side of the benefit .Employment support allowance .Check it out on gov website .Good luck.

  • Hi.. Thanks for the replies.. I have seen the occupational health doc twice and he is saying i am not at this time able to return to work, as is my own Doc...My job is in social work so its very stressful and demanding... I have told them i want Disability leave as i am off with a disability but they said they dont have this policy and they treat everyone the same.. i said thats discrimination as i am not sick!! I have told them they need to be seen to be making reasonable adjustments and this could mean looking at their sickness policy as disability leave should not be recorded as sick leave and should not show up on your attendance at work ! i have the union involved now and they will be attending anymore meetings i have.. I also have to see a welfare benefit officer on Monday..

    I have been told that any SSP i get they will claw back as they made a mistake and overpaid me full pay for the last 4 months .. i was informed i was entitled to 6months full pay but turns out is was only 2 months full and 2 months half so they are going to claw back the overpayments and SSP i have been told counts as a salary !!

    I was making good progress but this has totally stressed me out

  • Hi jan ,sounds as though you are getting right people involved .The union should step in where company is triying to re classify sickness laws regarding classing disability as normal sick leave against you.I was lucky I think as occ health and company were very supportive in my case.I had history of sickness with other autoimmune illness and I think they were glad to see the back of me to be honest to much of a risk on railways.I was awarded top tier of pension and a lump sum by independent medical practioner and was supported by consultant and gp.Have you got there support in letter form ?.Occ health will do that and get in touch with them with your written permission .

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