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Swollen foot again

Hi everyone,

Poor Mum was in A&E for 5 hours yesterday after seeing the out of hours doctor who was worried about her swollen foot, they think she might have an infection in the bone. She had bloods done and an xray and this came back clear, then sent her home without any antibiotics and told her to see the GP again on Monday, so a waste of time really. I hope this now means that she will get the referral to the Rhematologist, its been 2 years now and life on pred isn't treating her good. Anyone else have foot problems?

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I went to have a pedicure the other day, and the girl asked me what was wrong with my toes. She said she had never seen anything like them before. I suppose I am so used to them sitting there like wrinkled sausages, it has become normal to me. My feet are terribly swollen all the time, even when I rest them, but I just have been putting it down to lack of movement causing me to have a 'sluggish' system. She painted my feet in wax with a paintbrush (softens the skin apparently) but she could not get the towelling socks over the plastic bag she put on. So, yes, I guess I do have a problem.


Yes both my feet and legs are swollen all the time - nothing seems to help - GP says it is a side effect of preds - even resting with them elevated does not help - told to grin and bear it!


For a few months before I was eventually diagnosed with PMR (Nov 2011) the GP and physio said I had tendonitis in my left foot. I could only walk in heeled shoes. Once on steroids the tendonitis disappeared for a few weeks but then returned. I could hardly walk, fell over a few times and used a stick for a while. I had further physio which made no difference at all. About three months ago I decided to go to an accupuncturist. This has made a huge difference. To start the pain moved round my foot but became more bearable. My foot still aches but nothing like before. Each week it is improving. The accupuncturist suggested orthotics in my shoes. Before I took 5.5 to 6 sized shoes; now I take size 7! A combination of the orthotic and swollen feet.

I noticed the other day that my big toe has hard skin on the top at the joint - haven't done anything for that yet as it doesn't hurt!

Muscles in legs and arms get weary very quickly if I overdo things but they are not swollen.

Finally, good news is that I have reduced - so slowly - down to 9mg/8mg pred alternate days and over the past month have lost 7lbs. Fingers crossed that this continues. I need to lose more.


Hello everyone, thank you for your replies, such a shame the doctors aren't taking it seriously and that you are all still suffering. Mum is off to the doctors again today so will see what he says!! I was reading about Gout and wondering if this was a possibility too.



Yes, June 2012 I had sweling and pain in my left foot, 4 weeks later and after seeing 3 doctors ( gout? skin infection? deep tissue infection? ) I was sent to to the hospital.

They coudn't do anything too swollen, go home and keep the foot up, come back in 2 weeks.

Went back, x-ray, stress fracture, no wonder I was in pain. I say!! they gave me a "boot" for six weeks and it healed fine.

This august I was fitted with insoles, too high, too hard, again doctors, a& e, nothing. Come back if it isn't better. 2 weeks of agony back to a& e, x-ray, another fracture, a different bone this time. Plaster for six weeks and a boot for 4!! Just got my leg back.

Apparently it can take 3 to 4 weeks for a fracture to show up on x-ray so don't be put off, make sure somebody knows what they are talking about AND ARE LISTENING.

All the best


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