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Is it better to take pain relief or try to put up with the pain?

I've always been one who hates taking medication as I'm aware of all the nasty side effects these chemicals might produce and I'm already taking so many pills (had a heart attack and quadrupal bypass in 2007).I was diagnosed with PMR and GCA in April and since then I've been on the Pred (from 60mg a couple of months ago now currently at 35mg per day) the AA, Calcichew, and all my heart associated medication so I try not to resort to paracetamol or other pain relief if I can avoid it. I do still get spells when I have a lot of the pains I was experiencing before I was prescribed the steroids but I rarely take pain relief...I'm wondering am I doing the right thing and when I read some of your blogs and the pain relief you all need to take I'm wondering if I'm really ill if I can get through the day without pain relief. After reading some of your blogs describing what you have to go through I can't help feeling a bit of a fraud.

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don't you dare feel a fraud. You have gone through so much by the sounds of it. I have Naproxen and paracetamol if required. I rarely take the paracetamol and only take Naproxen when really need help with pain. You can only take 2 x 500mg a day but they are good. They are anti-inflammatories. Ask your gP to prescribe you a good painkiller/anti-inflammatory


Hi, absolutely, you shouldn't ever feel a fraud. And PMR and GCA are very tricksy conditions - different for every person. Don't suffer pain unduly... that's the road to depression over the long-term. Keep on top of the pain. A lot of medics say that paracetemol is better because they don't like the combo of steroids and NSAIDs like ibuprofen. If you take them in the morning and again at lunchtime you may find you can get through to bedtime without taking any more. But a dose at bedtime might help you sleep better.


Grey Owl,

A fraud? I don't think so. You have an aweful lot to deal with regarding your health. The PMR plus GCA would be more than enough for most of us to deal with. I have just the one health prob. PMR, and therefore it's so much less than you have. I am allowed to take one dose of ibuprofen per day to help with the pred reductions, which always cause painful side effects with me. These pains can go on sometimes for two weeks, so the extra pain relief really helps. For you, who also have problems regarding your heart, the situation is more complicated. You need to get proffessional advice I'm sure, but do ask for help. After all you might be suffering unnecessarily.



I know how you feel , I don't know anyone else with PMR and at 57 people think there is nothing wrong with me, for the past 8 years i looked after my elderly Mam but when she passed away i was sent for a job, jobs being short in the North East only job i could get was as a home carer, after doing it for a month i started to get a pain in the left side of my neck and it steadily got worse, thought it was part of PMR but GP said no sent me for X Ray and now have Spondylosis, after a few more weeks i felt like i needed care myself !!!! as i have to to walk(cant drive) made it worse was in in tears every night, then fingers on left hand went numb, went back to GP who gave a sick note for 4 weeks but what after that i" still going to be in pain if i go back to job


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