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Living with PMR with no prednisone part 2

Hello, all! I have very much enjoyed having my daughter and grand daughter here with me. I will be moving in September, so I have been trying to get things cleaned out at my house. I'm finding I'm nearly useless for sustained work, so I just do what I can in fits and starts. I'm 7 weeks since my last injection and doing pretty good but I think my extra work around the house is now done until I have another shot. I had a bit of a flare up after some heavy yard work, but it eased off. The next two months at the library will be very busy and I need to get all this work done in the house. Then I will drive for four days to make my move. I'll try to keep my blog up throughout all this. It should be interesting!

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Thanks for the post - what a huge challenge moving house is at the best of times, no matter when you are in constant pain and reaching and bending is so uncomfortable. Do be careful not to overdo it. In our next newsletter we are running a feature on trying to keep house when you have PMR. This isn't because we are superhuman, or even all that houseproud, but because when people are largely housebound they want their environment to be nice, not to be constantly reminding them of things they haven't done! So it would be really interesting to hear your experiences and tips on coping with a very big job of sorting everything out, deciding what to keep and what to sling, and packing and cleaning and goodness knows what else.

Take care.


HI Kate. I can relate to this. Since this illness hit me our home and gardens have been my main enviroments. I look upon housework, cooking and taking care of our yard and small garden as being my main interests and my main source of exercise. At the moment, to move house would, I think, finish me off. Spotshouse must be doing really well to even consider all the work involved. To call her a "Star" is an understatement. I try and pace myself, if that makes sense. Don't even consider dropping the dose of pred if I'm going to have a busy day. Wait for a more quiet period of time. Going out shopping for instance is often a major undertaking for me, and I don't do anything really energetic on the same day if I can help it.

I wish her lots of luck. Hope it all goes well. Pats


After a day's work, I'm usually a bit tired, but I rest a little and try to just clean out one area. So now I have all these little groups of things all over. :) The good news is, they are mostly things I'm getting rid of so I can either give the pile away or run an ad and sell it. It's going well so far!


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