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Having a wobble


Had a phone call today (no previous letter) with appointment for Pfizer vaccine tomorrow. Was really surprised as I'm 75 ......no special circumstances.... and didn't expect to be called yet. It took me by surprise. I came off pred last March after 5 years and have been OK but haveo osteoarthritis. I am really having a wobble tonight about having this new vaccine.

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That’s the one we want the Pfizer, not live, perfectly safe. Be brave, it’s such a rotten disease. Let us know how it goes. Lucky you Wenben, nice to see you back free of Pred too! 🌼

Wenben in reply to SheffieldJane

Thank you. I have never ever been vaccinated against anything.... not as a baby... not at school...not for flu or anything else. My mum would never sign the consent and I think that is where my fear has come from. (nothing to do with needles..... I have had much worse!) I know I should be grateful.... Thanks again

SheffieldJane in reply to Wenben

I really can understand that view and the fear you feel. We are in an extraordinary situation though. Your mum did the best she could with the information she had. X

Daisy246 in reply to Wenben

I can completely understand Wenban. I did have early vaccines but when one of my children had a terrible allergic reaction it got me on the path of homeopathy and did not have any more vaccines for my children and even pets.

However I will definitely be having the vaccine although am dreading it!

Hi. Should we not have the AstraZenica one then?

Kendrew in reply to Songbird69

PMRPro has said all the vaccines are actually ok for us.

Suz9 in reply to Kendrew

I was wondering.... Read somewhere about steroids and weakening immune system... Good to know, though.

Kendrew in reply to Suz9

PMRPro explained in a similar thread that; "It's not the SARS-2 Covid19 virus that's the live component of the Oxford vaccine. A weakened/manipulated virus is used as the vector, but one that normally causes cold in chimpanzees, and altered so can't cause infections of any sort in humans".

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Suz9

Which is all the more reason to have the vaccine so even a wobbly immune system has had some practic at dealing with the virus in a format that can't cause you to be ill.

Oh dear! I really don’t know enough about it to comment. Personally I have not read anything that suggests one vaccine might be better than another. My Rheumatologist just said it was fine for me to have the vaccine, I am on Pred and Actemra.

It was because you said that’s the one we want! So I started to panic slightly! Not been called for mine, so put off having a wobble for a bit ......

I am sorry that I’ve caused confusion. My husband said to me this morning that Pfizer was the vaccine I should have because it’s not live, but none of them are live. It is being discussed on another thread at the moment. I will stick my arm out for whatever they give me and find out what on Earth the silly blighter meant when he wakes up tomorrow. We have enough to worry about just getting a vaccine without this. Apologies Songbird69 😬.

No need for apologies, SJ. And don’t be too hard on hubby as there is a lot of conflicting info out there. 😊xx

That’s great that you’ve been off pred 5 years, what we all dream about. I can understand you being nervous about the vaccine, perhaps you didn’t expect to be called with little notice. It’s probably that your area has been successfully getting through their targets & now reached the over 75s. Could someone go with you for moral support? Can’t wait for mine, it’s slow in my area so will have a few weeks wait yet. Let us know how you get on!

Wenben in reply to 123mossie

Thanks....... both my husband and I have been called. He doesn't share my worries but is very healthy at 78 and has not suffered with immune disorders. Thank you for prompt reply.

Devoid in reply to Wenben

Hi it’s probably to do with supplies in your area, if they’ve got it they will want to use it. I think more of this will be seen as more becomes available, it’s now a race against the virus and further mutations 😊

They are hoping to get all the 70s and over done by mid February, so they must have got to the 75s and over in your area, my area seems to be charging ahead too. Take the vaccine if you are offered it, it is good news.

Constance13 in reply to piglette

Something Britain has got right at last.👏👏

Brilliant news

Has anyone heard about how long after the vaccination you have to be careful.. Heard 5 days and also 3 weeks...

Jan_Noack in reply to Suz9

I think about ten days to two weeks to be sure after the 2nd jab(probably longer if older or immune-compromised)..and if that isn't for 12 weeks.. then a long time to isolate..but worth it. The one jab is expected at least on average to reduce the severity if you catch it. The 2nd jab should provide around 90% protection (95% on average but probably better protection if younger if same as other vaccines).. but you still can't stop being careful as you may still carry it even if you don't get as sick yourself..ie even if asymptomatic.. they do not know as yet..but HOPE it stops transmission as well.. At present just keep being careful with the knowledge you maynot get as seriously ill if you do catch it.

puffyface in reply to Suz9

Whether we have been vaccinated or not, we are still in lockdown so have to follow rules for everyone’s safety. I think we can carry the virus without getting it?

Songbird69 in reply to puffyface

1 in 3 people apparently are without symptoms. ☹️

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Suz9

Indefinitely really still - until at least a week after the second shot. My daughter is NHS staff but clinically extremely vulnerable - and has been told that no, she cannot go back to work and must continue to shield.

Having the vaccine is NOT a ticket to freedom - whatever BoJo's father is saying on the TV.

SheffieldJane in reply to PMRpro

Do you happen to know if one is living with ( in my case, a younger husband and an adult son) people who are not in the same priority category, whether you can pass the virus on to the unvaccinated people in your household?

Hi. The professionals don’t know the answer to this question. That’s why we have to continue with all the face masks and social distancing etc. until a higher percentage of the population has been vaccinated. So, not out of the woods - but hopefully soon!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

Ditto to what Songbird says - but only if you were to catch it of course, no risk from the vaccine itself.

SheffieldJane in reply to PMRpro

I feel as if I half heard something on the radio about the newly vaccinated being able to transmit the virus to others. I am probably wrong and nobody needs yet another voice spreading rumour and misinformation.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

Fake news SJ - there is no Covid virus in the vaccine, none at all, so you cannot spread what doesn't exist.

SheffieldJane in reply to PMRpro

Good to know! I thought I was getting better at spotting the mischief makers and the scammers, but I fell down the rabbit hole.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

It is all to easy to do when someone comes on the media and says something very confidently.

Rosbud in reply to Suz9

According to everything I've read , we still have to follow the rules and be very careful it doesn't give you free reign to do any mixing or going without masks etc !

Hi Wenben

My mum has been called already and she is 73 so it really depends where you are i think.

Completely understand your hesitancy, my mum was also really reluctant to let me have jabs. I ended up having the majority but each one was a trauma for her (needlessly!)

I spoke to my rheumatologist yesterday and specifically asked about the jab - he said get which ever one is offered, the disease is far worse and so are any long term affects. (I'm on 12mg pred, underactive thyroid, HRT, no other issues.

Hope you get that sleeve rolled up.


Lucky you, I look forward to being called for mine.

Lucky you, I can’t understand how they work out who gets the vaccine, I know several people who are not in the vulnerable group who have had the vaccine, 2 of them with no underlying health problems both under 60, we all live in the same city.

MrsNails in reply to 2013mayo

Where are you based? In the UK? My cousin (55) who lives in Arizona got hers yesterday, at the end of the day at a Mass Vaccination Centre, they just checked the Website, got a slot & bingo all done n dusted......

2013mayo in reply to MrsNails

HiSouth east of England

Songbird69 in reply to 2013mayo

Yes - me too! My neighbour is 94 with no sign of a vaccine - yet others have had theirs. Rumour is, they are doing this alphabetically. But who knows!

2013mayo in reply to Songbird69

Wow, that’s so wrong, it should go to the people who are vulnerable. I am on 3 lots of immune reducing drugs now and feel very vulnerable, my husband is also in the same position so we are both staying indoors, not much fun after all this time ☹️

Songbird69 in reply to 2013mayo

I can relate to that! Been shielding for a year pretty much. Can’t wait for normal life to resume. 🙃

maria40 in reply to Songbird69

I'm 80 and still waiting. Spoke to my pharmacist this morning who told me she had rung a local surgery which was giving the Pfizer vaccine and asked if they would have any left at the end of the day - as it has a very limited storage time - and she was told if she came in straight away she could have it. But I guess her job gave her some priority - quite rightly even if not officially.

My Rheumie says for to accept the vaccine when called.

It’s understandable how you feel, there are many more like you, but we need to be vaccinated against this horrible disease.

As one scientist said well - you’re either going to get COVID at some point or you’re going to get a vaccine. Getting COVID is far worse and unpredictable for your entire system. Getting a vaccine is very targeted to a specific immune response. You want targeted :). Anything we put in our bodies can be scary but chin up and this forum will be there no matter what! Remember the millions who have already been vaccinated and no issues going into month 2, which is about the timeframe for any real side effects and/or “long term” questions. You got this!

Lucky you - go for it.

I understand the worries, but think the vaccine can not be as bad as covid even with a bad reaction. At least at this stage they are on the alert for adverse reactions. I would have no hesitation. Let us know how you get on. Good luck

Good luck,Wenben, you will be fine and feel a lot safer! The Queen and Prince Phillip got theirs yesterday, so no priorities!! Looking forward to getting the call.

I was vaccinated on Saturday and, whilst it was highly recommended, I was warned there could be side effects such as joint pain, slight fever, headaches, feeling of heaviness in the arm etc. Well I have to tell you - not a single reaction!! The site of the injection was a bit sore - and I do mean only a wee bit sore. The whole vaccination process was very efficiently managed and I’m so glad I’ve been “done”. I’m only just over 80 and my GCA is in remission so I was delighted when I received an appointment so soon. Go for it Wenben. It won’t do you harm, you’ll be so carefully monitored, and it will provide at least another barrier to this dreadful virus.

I am happy for you Wenben! 😊

I have to admit to being a bit confused about which vaccine I can have as I get anaphylactic reactions to some foods and was told I couldn’t have the Pfizer vaccine because of this. Not sure if the AstraZeneca one would be ok. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Dear Wenben,

Please, please have this vaccine! My 92 year old mum has now had both of her Pfizer jabs with no side effects whatsoever.

If anyone is on Facebook, I urge you to search for and watch daily video answering sessions (posted in answer to readers’ questions) by a former colleague, Professor Ben Neuman, who has worked on Coronavirus for 24 years and is currently at University of Texas (and on National news there almost weekly).

Here is a link to one of his (relevant) YouTube videos about RNA vaccines and why they are safe


Wenben in reply to Suzita76

Will definitely have a look at this..... Thankyou

Hi WenBen. Please don't wobble!! I also was on Pred for 5 years, getting to 0 last March and ok since (still have ESR and CRP blood tests to make sure no problems). As a result of the steroids I now have AF and am on anti coagulants, but despite this, have already had my vaccine (Pfizer/BioNRech) 3 weeks ago and was due to have the second boost tomorrow but probably will have to wait a few more weeks now so that more people can be protected. Get it done as soon as you can - it'll make you feel more protected I can assure you.

Good luck and stop wobbling!

I envy you! Can’t wait to get mine. Where do you live? Don’t be anxious hundreds of thousands have had it with no bad effects.

Wenben in reply to Loyd

I am in the Forest of Dean ....Gloucestershire. Have just read a report on Facebook by the vaccination centre for this area. Having done most of the over 80's they started the 75 - 79 year olds this week. A roving team started the care homes in the area on the 7th Jan and hope to complete by the 14th when the roving team will then visit the housebound so really getting on with it here in the Forest. I have now received the vaccine this morning. It was well organised and we were half an hour from going in until leaving including the 15 minute wait afterwards.

Loyd in reply to Wenben

Brilliant! Well done Gloucestershire!

PS. I am on 74 but was lucky enough to get one of the "spare" vaccines at the end of the session that I took my husband to. Felt very privileged. Go for it!!

Grab it with both hands Wenben, I will.

I think you're right to be questioning it. Although I am in a minority here as everyone seems to be very pro. I have been spending all my time on You tube and online sites recently trying to decide, and there are plenty of reasons to be hesitant! Do some research, and make up your own mind. Maybe you can delay it for a while until you have a chance to see how things are going.

Wenben in reply to Blossom20

Thanks for your reply. Yes I have done a lot of reading and followed it all closely and was undecided. As I am 75 I was really surprised to get the call yesterday as one of these online calculators had said mid-Feb to early March. However I have been vaccinated this morning and hope I have made the right decision.

Blossom20 in reply to Wenben

Gosh, so soon! Well, I'm sure you'll be fine. Let us know. I'm dreading that call. Like you I looked at one of those calculators and it said early march, but my neighbours are getting called now!

Go for it. Hundreds of thousands of people have had covid vaccination. Almost 2 million have died from the disease. Vaccination has changed the world. When did you last see someone die from smallpox?

Lucky you Webden - go for it - I gather you guys are mostly in England - Scotland appears to be a bit slower, maybe gathering for a sudden burst! I have not heard of anyone who has had it apart from daughter who is a NHS physio and only got it because there were spares. I had a nasty virus before Christmas and was quite ill - now hibernating - can't wait to get mine - my husband is 92 and not heard anything!!

Hi, I gather you live in Scotland. Just to say my husband has his vaccine appointment for next Thursday, he is 80. That’s in Fife, we were so pleased to get the call from local Surgery. Hope your husband hears soon!

Thank you - we are in Edinburgh and I gather all our surgeries have used their 100 quota and will not get more for a few weeks - according to Alex Cole - Hamilton - I keep hoping!!

Me I am so afraid of needles so avoid when I can. First time Fly jab this year and will be having the COVID vaccination. My children had to have every jab going cos I said so😂😂😂😂

Wenben in reply to Suffererc

I received the vaccination this morning and I didn't feel the needle at all. There is a Covid skin patch being developed at Swansea University to deliver the vaccine into the arms of people who fear needles but I fear it will be a long time before this is available.

Dear Wenben, I'm 74, been off pred for nearly 2 years now. Was given the 1st dose of Pfizer a week ago and it wasn't painful and only a little hard flesh at the site for a few hours. No other effects. Although others may not be so fortunate, this was one good experience!

Just thought I would weigh in here - I have PMR and am weaning down on prednisone, now at 4 mg. Just had my COVID vaccine (Moderna) and so far no side effects - not even a sore arm.

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