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Just a little reassurance.


Hello everyone.

Just to say I had my covid vaccination two days ago (Sat 27th Feb) and I've been ok. 🙂 I'm currently on 11mg prednisolone, Alendronic Acid, Propanolol, Atorvastatin and Calci-D.

Yesterday my arm felt slightly sore at the point of the injection and also a little achey, but nothing really significant. I also felt very drowsy from about lunchtime onwards and mildly nauseous. This wasn't in any way inhibitive though and I've woken this morning (Mon 1st March) feeling completely back to normal. (Although my arm still aches a little)

I was given the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and know there's been some discussion both in the press and amongst the general public around this vaccine causing some quite strong side-effects afterwards, with people experiencing several days of feeling quite out of sorts.

I and quite a number of people I know have been fine though. Many of you will already have been vaccinated, but for anyone still waiting and feeling a bit hesitant, I just wanted you to know that although each of us will react individually to this vaccine, it isn't a foregone conclusion that we'll suffer strong side effects.

Very pleased to have had my first jab. The whole experience has been reassuring as I know that despite being on an immunosupressant, I'm now better protected than I was before.

Wishing you all a happy and pain-free day.

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Kind of you to give a cheery update.

I had my first Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine 3 weeks ago and to be honest had little to no side effects afterwards. Hope it is the same after my second jab! 8-)

That’s great I felt awful, but it will not stop me getting my next. 😊

Kendrew in reply to Twinkling1

No...you mustn't. So important that we cover ourselves with as much protection as possible. Hopefully you'll find the second one easier.


"I'm now better protected than I was before."

Not yet - you have no immunity in the first couple of weeks after the jab. Don't take risks yet.

Kendrew in reply to PMRpro

Sorry....yes I should have referenced that and said that after that 2 to 3wk period I would be better protected. Important you said that.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Kendrew

Shame it isn't being emphasised rather more! Everywhere ...

That was thoughtful of you Kendrew. Even Germany is back tracking on being hesitant about this particular vaccine ( due to the absence of research with older patients I think).

PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

Some countries in Europe are extremely vaccine-sceptical by nature.

Thanks for that. Were you not going to start Amitriptyline for the fibro? Was wondering how you were getting on with it.

Kendrew in reply to powerwalk

I haven't needed to yet. For whatever reason things seem to be ok at moment. Don't know if the gentle yoga is helping but I'm embracing it while it lasts. I still have that option if I need it. Thankyou for asking though.

powerwalk in reply to Kendrew

Oh thats really good.

I had the Astra zenica jab last Tuesday. Been absolutely fine. Better than the slightly sore arm I had after the flu jab.👌

Fab stuff Kendrew. I had the OAZ as well, must be 4 weeks ago now with no side effects at all. Even though I'm passed the three week mark I will not be making any changes to the routines of the last few months (only months, seems longer than that!!!!). Stay safe everyone.

Glad to hear positive update , I had AZ vaccine and was fine , the only people I know who have had A bad reaction have had the Pfizer jab but I think mind set has A lot to do with it !

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Rosbud

Had Pfizer jab four weeks ago, no problems apart from that expected, slightly tender arm and mild headaches -24 hours.

Rosbud in reply to DorsetLady

That’s good , was just A passing thought as A couple of the folk I’ve spoken to have been really poorly xx

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Rosbud

As you say, think it’s probably down to individual rather than the vacinne. 😊

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Rosbud

Mt daughters had the Pfizer vaccine (NHS staff) with no problems at all but say a lot of NHS staff who have had the AZ vaccine were unwell enough to have to stay off work. Not sure which my grandson had (trainee nurse) but he developed Covid the following day! Now considered ideal to work on a Covid ward!

Rosbud in reply to PMRpro

Strange how we all react differently , isn't it ? My DIL has been moved to work on covid ward after recovering herself , I'd love to give each and every one of the NHS staff A huge hug for all their hard work x

Thanks for the update and pleased you’re doing okay. I had the Oxford vaccine three weeks ago and been absolutely fine. I too feel reassured now I’ve had it but not taking any risks anytime soon.

I know a couple of 30 somethings, one a nurse and the other a physio (attending my husband at home) who were poorly for 4 days leaving then unable to work at the time - they’re okay now. Seems to be affecting the younger ones more than us oldies! Hope the second jab is as good as my first!

I reckon the people with bad side effects have probably had Covid without knowing it. They say that up to 50% of the population might have had it.

Last Saturday (Feb 27) like you I had my second jab (Pfizer). Having developed PMR on the heels of the first one, I was apprehensive. Happy to report no after effects at all apart from slightly sore arm, and I have waited 2 days to report back, so fingers crossed, all good.

Can't speak too highly of the kind volunteers and professionals running my local vaccination centre. What stars!!!

PS I have been good to myself and taken life very easy just in case.

And good luck to all who've got jabs coming up. Go for it!

Hi Kendrew, thanks for your update , glad you were fine afterwards. I had OAZ jab on 15 th Feb , the next day I just felt extremely tired. Hubby and I decided to just rest up for the day, we had pancakes and watched some TV! Following day we were absolutely fine just a slight tenderness at the jab site. 👍👍👍👍

Kendrew in reply to York54

Pleased it went well for you too. 🙂

Hi Kendrew I had my first jab 3 weeks ago and had no side effect not even a sore arm just had a laugh and told my partner it was a placebo we got,but roll on the second one. Take Care

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