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Definitely off-piste - complete with snow. No wonder the PMR is protesting!


It is my birthday today - no chance of doing anything nice what between Covid and OH's health but when I looked at the weather I don;t think this has happened before:

8 inches of new snow on the 4th of August!!! Even if it is at altitude!

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear PMRpro,

Happy Birthday to you

Repeat...and wash hands! As you can’t do anything else. Enjoy your day 🌺🌸

Many happy returns of the day, PMR Pro! (Hope you aren’t going to those higher altitudes)

Amazing! Happy birthday!!

I am sorry you can't celebrate it properly this year. We are having a warm day in London today, another scorcher weekend ahead of us (37 degrees apparently); August is usually rubbish in London.

Well the world is definitely upside down. 🎂🎉🌻🎿

Happy upside down birthday 💐🎉

A Very Happy Birthday, although getting late in the day, hope you are still enjoying it.

Even better if you can see the snow on the mountains and time for...

🥂💐🎂, perhaps no cake!!!

Happy Happy Birthday!

Wow, a mid summer birthday and you wakened to snow! Wishing you a better year ahead!


Happy, Happy Birthday! 🥳

A very happy birthday young lady. Tiddling down here in Rochdale.

Happy birthday to you, but don't think you're getting a day off from us lot! xx

Happiest of Birthdays dear PMR pro! You love the snow! Celebrate!

Have a terrific day and a happy healthy year ahead! Love & Hugs xxxx

Happy Birthday! Perhaps the weather will keep your PMR symptoms on ice! Ice is good with gin, gin is good for the morale, morale is vital for the fight, fight is essential to keep going, going is not an option so sup it with a slice! (Or you could go for champagne..) 🎂🥁🎉🥳🎈🥂🍾🎁🎊💖xx

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Thelmarina

No, no - prosecco ;)

nuigini in reply to PMRpro

But you must have G&T!! No matter what, it's a good day and you have so many people who love you and wish you all the best today and always. 🎈🥰🎂🥂🥃🌹🌈

PMRproAmbassador in reply to nuigini

No, I actually prefer prosecco :)

Lonsdalelass in reply to PMRpro

Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day and get to sup that prosecco! Never been partial myself, but if it makes you feel good do it! 🤣

Scandi in reply to PMRpro

Good choice! Happy Birthday PMRpro!🥂🍾🎉

Thelmarina in reply to PMRpro


Happy birthday!!🎈🎊🎉🎂

Happy birthday, enjoy the scenery......

Happy Birthday!! Another year you can be proud of - giving your time and expertise in helping so many people x

Wishing you the Happiest Birthday possible in these bizarre circs!


Lovely to hear from you. Again, was thinking that I'm not seeing people's posts as yours is the first in ages PMRpro. My settings are correct, so really not sure why I'm not back in the loop with everyone.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today. Sun is shining brightly here in Kent and it's getting hotter over the next couple of days.

All we want now is for the blinking virus to 'Do One' so we can all get our lives back on track.

A quick update on my PMR/GCA. All going well . One more week on 13 mg then reducing again by 1 mg for the next 2 weeks. Hoping all continues without any probs. Once I'm down to 10 mg I will stay on each mg for a will be well into 2021 before I manage to get off the Prednisone completely, so keeping everything crossed.

If you all see my message I'm sending best wishes to you All X


I've been eager for an 'off-piste' !!! (Never heard the term before the forum)

Snow on August 4th??🤔🤔Surely off -piste!!! So much snow....all for you 🎂🎂🎂

I hope you have a good can celebrate how much you help people...I wish I could take you to lunch~! I hope your OH has a good day too. Happy Birthday...💖

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Grammy80

It's a ski term - skiing freestyle on unregulated slopes ...

HeronNS in reply to PMRpro

Happy Birthday!


HeronNS in reply to Grammy80

I figured it meant "off track" but had never heard it before either. Finally (just now) looked it up. As a fellow North American you may find this interesting:


Grammy80 in reply to HeronNS

I💗💗💗💗💗 love language, though I'm no scholar I'm always interested and curious.

Basically it is the same definition that Pro gave...I always feel I'm skirting the edges speech that is not too tasteful...but I love! My mind is so easily amused. xo

HeronNS in reply to Grammy80

Oh yes, same definition, but interesting to see it in context and compared with other terms meaning same or similar.

Ipadmom in reply to HeronNS

In the same vein, I enjoy cryptic crosswords and those composed in the US are hard to find. The British ones are so full of words/ expressions unfamiliar to me. Finally discovered one from Australia ( now downloaded) that I can usually work. Language, though technically the same one, can be sooo different. 🤗 Happy birthday PMRpro!

I remember when every so often we had that 'off-piste' should be special on August 4th, a free and unregulated day~! xo

Happy birthday, PMR pro. An auspicious day. Mine too!

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to herdysheep

Happy Birthday to you too then 🍷

PMRproAmbassador in reply to herdysheep

Only the best! Not the same since no national anthem though!!! Happy birthday!

Wishing you a very happy birthday 💐🌹🍾

Well I suppose getting a blizzard in Covid lockdown is as good a time as any. Happy birthday!

Yes,happy birthday from a newbie who just happens to have gained a great deal of info' and help from you, I hope it proves to be a nice day. Thank you.

Happy birthday to you

Wishing you a very "comfortable" birthday in your own four walls - the best place to be these days!💥💐🍾🍸🥃

I can't believe it's been snowing. It's set for 30 to 35 degs here from Thursday. Quite frankly - I'd rather have the snow.😏

Hope you have at least SOME pleasure today.

C. xxx

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Constance13

Nice mini Henkell trocken ;)

Constance13 in reply to PMRpro

Only one??? Go on - go for it! Even if you drank 3 it wouldn't kill you. Spread over the evening, of course.

Hugs xx

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Constance13

No, switched to Gruener Veltliner for dinner :) Roast chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in Parma ham. Even himself commented it was good. Another meal we could both eat - it almost made the chicken acceptable ...

That sounds fantastic PMR Pro you must have a wonderful chef ha ha. Many happy returns of the day! Hope you and your OH really enjoyed yourselves. Warm wishes amid the snow!

Great Birthday Present. Congrats !

Happy Birthday 🎉🎂💐🎉

Have a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday, and many thanks for all your advice and wisdomx

Happy birthday hope you are having a nice day!🌈

Happy birthday..hope it was lovely in spite of everything. x

That is what I love about CC - attitude.

Hot yesterday, today fire on..................

Have a swig of two and much love. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Brrrrr! ❄ 🏂 Many happier returns of the day! 💮 🍾

Wishing you the happiest Birthday ever


Happy Birthday Try a virtual trip to a beautiful place and imagine spending your birthday there Book the best hotel for your virtual holiday after all the price is right Bali would be a nice place to visit for your virtual birthday celebration and it will be nice and warm

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Bridgegoddess

It'll be warm tomorrow, over 25C and increasing in the following days!

A Cotswold village with no visitors would be my virtual holiday.

Have a happy day, Pro.

While you're having snow, we're having a hurricane/tropical storm...

Happy Birthday, have the very best day you can , big hugs xx

Happy Birthday!

With all my warm wishes for your birthday. Good job all these good wishes aren’t cards or you Would have to decorate your balcony. Take care of yourselves. Jen ☃️

Happy Birthday 🌸

Happy Birthday, you deserve the best. Your advice and support to all of us here is invaluable, and we can`t thank you enough. Wishing you all the best.

Wishing you a very happy birthday

Well happy birthday to

you and one to remember - snow in August! Mines on Monday so cheers 🥂🎂🥂

Maybe the weather is trying to send you a happy-christmas-type greeting! You certainly deserve that happy birthday PMRpro!

And a very 🎉Happy Birthday🎉 from me too!

Happy Birthday. Can’t believe that snow! World has gone mad. I’m so hot here in London and it’s getting worse by Friday

Prosecco chilling in the snow - bliss. Cin cin.

Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday


Happy birthday. Hope you've had a lovely day 🍷🎂💐

It’s late in the day, have just tuned in!

Hope you have enjoyed your special Day, it’s been pouring down all day here in bonnie Scotland! 🌺

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Fifegran

So my daughter told me - dog most unhappy about being forced outside!

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday , I appreciate all the help and kindness you have shown to me the past 15 months, Thank you.

Margaret. (I think we were born the same year too 😉)

Just about made it in Italian Time!

Happy Birthday Pro 🥂

Thanks For Everything You Do For Us All!


Best birthday wishes, have a lovely day, PmrPro-secco x

Happy birthday for yesterday. I’ve been so busy (hope I’m not going to regret it in the morning) I’ve only just logged on to the forum. So I’ve missed your birthday and all the party. Did you drink all the Prosecco?

A belated happy returns for yesterday Pro. Yes to the Prosecco for your birthday - and also your unbirthdays. 🥂👍

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!🎂🎉🎁🎊🎈

Many returns of the day!!

A belated “Happy Birthday” to you PMRPro 🥂🎂. Mine next week and apparently I am going out somewhere. OH won’t say where, so a magical mystery tour and I certainly hope it doesn’t snow! It usually rains though, so in these strange times anything is possible. Hope you had a nice day despite the weather.

Happy Birthday! I hope you are just like wine, which gets better with age :). Never tried prosecco , but had lots of Croatian prosec ( similar name only, totally different; it is made out of dried grapes, thick, sweet and very potent).

Happy birthday 🥳🥳🥳

A bit late but hope you had a good birthday. I suppose as well it’s good if it’s uneventful- that makes it a positive experience. Loved your meal of the day and the fact that hubby liked it too- a meal to be added to scant menu choices. Hope you had a glass of your favourite bubbly too. Thank you for all you do for us all. Love Jackie 💐💐x

Wow! Happy birthday! 🍰🎉🍹

A very Happy belated birthday wish from a rather grey Cornwall xxx

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Pollyanna16

Haha - could be worse!

Sorry it’s late , happy birthday ! 🎂🎂🎂🍷🍷🍷🌺🌺

Happy Birthday PMRpro, Hope you have the best day !! xx

Didn’t log on yesterday but a belated happy birthday from me and a big thank you for all your sound and knowledgable advice. Prosecco and a wintry view on 4th August - strange times!

Happy belated! 🍾🥂😃👍 It sounds as if it was ‘as good as could be expected’ under the circumstances🥴 - thanks a mill for everything you do on this site. It’s much appreciated - by everyone I’m sure 👍

Happy birthday 🙂

I too wish you a happy day. Tha is something about the snow fall. Do you live high up?

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Bennijax

The snow is higher than we live yes - we're at 850m/just under 3000 ft. The snow was at above 2000m but even so - it's AUGUST! In Italy ...

Many, Many,Many, etc etc. Happy Returns.

Hope you had a wonderful day😁 My that meal sounds good to me.


Happy Birthday

A very Bon Anniversaire PMRpro! May there be many more. Will raise a glass for you this evening. x

Belated birthday greetings! 💖☃️

Late with my Happy Birthday, sorry! Had a few computer issues yesterday afternoon! Whilst the snow may look pretty, it’s quite the wrong time for it, & I hope it disappears fast & the temperature rises! Hope you had a lovely day, S xx

Belated Happy Birthday wishes Pro ❄️⛄🍾 This is one Birthday you will always remember ... 💐🌹

Happy birthday for yesterday. I hope you managed to have a good one. You deserve a good time in return for the help and encouragement you give to so many people.

Happy Birthday. You really deserve to have a nice day. Have some fun.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you. Snow in August- whatever next?

Didn’t read posts yesterday as I had hospital appointment to discuss cataract surgery. I’ve progressed to the waiting list proper, but likely to be 3-4 months wait!! Thank goodness for apps on the iPad where I can increase the font size and Change the background colour to help make reading easier.

Hope you had an enjoyable day despite the weather.

Happy birthday ☃☃🍷🎂🍷🎂🍷

Happy Birthday PMRpro! You are loved and appreciated around the world. Hope you have better and better days.

Happy birthday, do your best to have a great day!


Wishing you a very happy Birthday and I hope seeing SNOW in August is going to be a good omen for you , Take care on the toboggan xx

Happy Birthday! I was surprised how much of the weather report I could read. I spent 2 years in Augsburg, Germany in 1973-74.

Happy belated birthday! I love it when it snows on my birthday but that is November not August! You are certainly special to have it snow on your birthday.

I pray it was a great day!!!

Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for all your wisdom x

Hope this is the start of a most wonderful year for you and your family. Happy birthday. xxx

Wishing you all the best on your special day, despite the bizarre weather. Perhaps an extra beverage to mark the occasion! 🥂 or a big slice of bread, bowl of pasta....whatever you regard as a treat.

Since I’ve gotten PMR, I place extra importance on birthdays. We should truly celebrate every year we manage on this earth. It’s also important to celebrate all that you are, all that you give, as you make a difference to many on this earth (especially on this forum).

Cheers PMRPro!!

Happy Birthday PMRPro - grey and throwing it down with rain in mid Wales. I’d prefer snow!!

Hope the day is good for you and thanks for all your input here, it’s hugely helpful 😀

Happy Birthday, hope you are having a gentle day xxx

Happy Belated Birthday 🎈🔥🎈🔥🎉😉

Sorry I missed your birthday "celebration" yesterday!! Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I feel your pain though, July 1, my anniversary, I was in the hospital with Afib from Covid. LOL Other symptoms were gone but it wanted to have one last stab at me. Doc figures my Prednisone kept my symptoms mild. Hubby and I had a nice TAKE OUT stak dinner 3 weeks later. Not liking this new "normal". LOL

Happy Bday! As usual, I'm a bit behind the crowd, but nonetheless!!!!!!

We Leos are a formidable bunch, I wish you and yours a healthy coming year, and YIKES!!! SNOW in August, almost blasphemy on this summer day in U.S.

My day is the 8th, I will lift one to you .


PMRproAmbassador in reply to Purplecrow

OH is the 8th too - for 4 days we are the same age and then he's a whole year older again ;)


WooHoo, told you we are a formidable bunch!

💜💜💜to u both!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Purplecrow

I'm sure you can imagine this house with 2 Leos ...

😁 must be 'bout perfect! Who wins the most?!😂

Best wishes on your birthday🎂🍰🍬🍷

Happy birthday PMRpro, and hope you have many more, keep safe.

A belated Happy Birthday PMR pro, hope you had a good day despite the snow.

Gentle hugs Janet (jannie21) xx

Happy belated birthday. Wow 20 cm of snow in August! Hope you had a good day despite the weather and COVID. 🎂🙂👍

Happy birthday lovely lady! Do you mind sharing some snow with Texas? It’s over 100 Fahrenheit!!!!!

Hoch soll sie leben.... drei mal HOCH!!!!!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to KellyInTexas

It will be 37+C/100F here down in the low valleys later ...

Just a couple of days before it had been nearly 25C/77F at 2000m. Then it rained and at the top it was snow ...

Have a lovely time and stay safe.x

Belated happy birthday 🎉. Hope it was a good one 🥂🍾

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