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Not so. Happy anymore: sacral fractures

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After weeks of buttock pain on one side, MRI shows bilateral insufficiency sacral fractures. What next? Now i have roaring belly from the Leflumonide? My happy face is rapidly deteriorating.. I started the Fosamax 8 weeks ago after bone density since i’m also on 20 mg. Of prednisone. Since i had a UTI, the 3rd in 2 months [never had this before] I’m on my 3rd antibiotic and went to FP and said how many more medicines will I have to take? He is the one who ordered the MRI and was suspicious of fractures. Until now I’ve been singing Annie’s “Tomorrow” in my head; now I am not so sure. Anyone else develop this after using steroids? It is good to have a place to vent once in a while.

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Oh dear. We are always here for a vent. It's all ups and downs isn't it. 😣

Vent away! You do seem to be in the grips of drug side effects. Report them and see if anything can be done. I have refused these drugs for quality of life concerns, I was fortunate enough to have good Dexa scans, but the pressure mounts.

Have you definitely got UTI’s. I have periodic bladder irritation without infection, I put it down to the Calcium and Pred. I stopped the former with doctor’s advice and continue to reduce the latter. My symptoms have lessened. Hang on to that good cheer of yours! 🌞

yes, e coli in cultures. another day, another dollar, but now that i’ve been able to say what was on my mind, i’m ready to face the future. From what i read there is not much to be done about the fractures except wait for healing tho i will see. an ortho and start PT this week. What is it ? PRide goeth before the fall? I have been SO proud of my 77 years running up and down those 4 flights of museum stairs in an 1868 building. Apparently I am no different than anyone else and will have to deal with this. I’ve had so many issues: hepatic resection for cavernous hemangiomas, PFO closure, AV fistula repair, now the MGUS and Bence Jones protein....i suppose throwing one more thing at the wall to see what will stick is next with the PMR and now this fracture. I have been so blessed otherwise.

thanks to all for listening.

My “ sell by date” came much earlier than yours. You probably are pretty special!

That's it "apparently I am no different than anyone else"!! Aren't we all ? But do we believe it??

I still fondly imagine I'll be climbing mountains again soon even though that's not something I've been up to doing for years.

We all have our dreams. Mine is to travel again. I used to love just packing up and travelling to the mountains or seaside. Now I'm bound to short trips of no more than 50-60 kms - my husband is now 84 so we both think that's far enough to drive. Still we have loads of lovely memories. Life's still good!😎🍾🍸

I keep having to remind myself to focus on those blessings in life that have created my perceptions that I am overall lucky and healthy despite living with diagnosed GCA and prednisone for six months now. In my mind GCA must be relegated to the little box labelled “Temporary Setbacks”. I do believe I will return to being busy, active and optimistic eventually. So the daily morning routine I have adopted deep breathing, mentally listing 5 things I am grateful for today, and then 30 minutes of gentle yoga. By then it’s time for food, medications, and whatever medical business needs attention, dealing with the creeping feelings of unwellness as the day goes on, etc etc

I do believe it is a mental fight as much as a physical one, as this forum so so often shows. We humans need empathetic companionship, especially in difficult times. Friends and family are lovely, but struggle to truly understand what I am going through.

It is such a huge comfort to me to be a part of this scattered group. Thank you for sharing all your stories, knowledge, experiences and difficulties. I am constantly buoyed up just knowing you are there, wherever in the world that may be.

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