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From Prednisone to Cataracts to PCO YAG laser surgery


I know there are several of us who recently had cataract surgery due to prednisone induced cataracts. The rate that I went from a trace of a cataract to almost completely occluded was astounding. Not even a year. I couldn’t drive at night because the blinding light and glare made it impossible. I had the cataract surgery last October and the results were amazing. Before the cataracts I was 20:20 and 20:40 After the surgery I got to 20:15 uncorrected in both eyes with the glare and darkness gone. It was stunning. It was short lived as the PCOs or secondary cataracts once again made everything grey as if I was looking through water and curtailed my night driving a second time. Today put an end to that. The YAG laser literally let the light come flooding in from the first laser pulse. Just incredible. Quick, painless and permanent. How nice would it be if everything that ails us could be so easily correctable and permanent?

Love to all~

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Yes. Cataract surgery is brilliant and then the YAG laser capsulotomy following, another brilliant piece of 'instant' corrective surgery. But I still cannot drive at night or in low light. So, I don't. Sure would be good if all surgeries were as fast and as efficacious !

Dear Nitrobunny,

I had cataracts 'Done' many years ago, developed as a result of Steroid use. I had my eyes Tested, in great detail, on Friday- our local Boots optician are Wonderful (highly recommend). Apart from a slight increase in Stigmatism, seeing sharper 'lines' preferentially in one direction /Axis, My eyesight is 'Very Good'. They seemed, mildly concerned, about a slight Pigment Spot on the Iris, of my right eye. However only slightly concerned, it was photographed, to be checked next time- a year. In all a, very thorough check, new glasses included, at NO Cost to myself. I pick the glasses up, on the eleventh.

One of my Ex neighbours, it was me that Moved, had his Cataracts 'Polished' with a laser- if you will excuse the pun, he has never 'Looked Back' (sorry I just HAD to!).

Enjoy your Wonderful vision Nitrobunny.



WOW! I had not heard of PCO's!!!!! Bummer, but glad you had it addressed! I have my cataract consultation tonight and surgery is scheduled for March 6th. I went from "a trace of a cataract" to "cant see s**t," in 137 days!!!!! One minute I was not eligible for NHS cataract surgery and the next minute I was!

"Damn you Pred! ...but yes I still love you."

Nitrobunny in reply to Hidden

Prednisone is definitely my strongest love hate relationship. I am happy to hear you’ll be seeing clearly in about a month. It really is the most awesome surgery. I didn’t realize how much the vision loss affected my mental health until it was corrected.


What’s PCO? Sounds great. This is great info for me as I’m on the same path.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to SnazzyD

Posterior capsule opacification in this context - not polycystic ovaries ;) It's the most common post-op complication but very easily dealt with.

Wow, didn't know you could get secondary cataracts! I've just had my first one done and can see lovely, hope it continues! Pleased you have good results now - it's good to know.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Telian

They aren't really cataracts - it's tissue growing across the artificial lens. Like a spider's web across your nice clean window...

Telian in reply to PMRpro

I see - get the pun! I wasn't understanding as they say you only have the cataracts done once, thank you oracle!

Nitrobunny in reply to PMRpro

It’s not actually growing across the lens. It grows across the capsule that the lens is placed into after your original one is taken out. Mine developed almost immediately but I had to wait several months for the IOL to anchor completely with scar tissue so it wouldn’t move or be damaged by the YAG laser. The laser destroys part of the capsule allowing light to come through without affecting the new lens. In my case the PCO was even worse and grew even faster than the cataract but the fix was incredibly easy. Just amazing.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Nitrobunny

Sorry - I forgot to add the link that explains it properly, it's further up...

I was just wondering if you had the operation while still on Pred? Do we have to wait until we are off Pred?

Thank you.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to andieone

No - lots of people have had cataracts done while on 10mg and more of pred. It does depend on the surgeon - some have too many concerns about post-op infection when on a higher dose and say no. But like all surgical needs it pays to shop around and you will eventually find one who accepts the need to do it rather than stop the pred first.

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