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Cataracts and Prednisone

I just saw my opthalmologist who said I had cataracts from aging, but was now developing another type of cataract caused by taking Prednisone. She said the new cataract is very small, but warned me that thus type of cataract can grow very aggresively. I am on the Prednisone for GCA. I also have glauoma, high intraocular presure from the prednisone, and now have ocular myasthenia gravis. I am praying that my eyes will weather all these ailments.Have any of you had the cataracts caused by Prednisone? what has transpired with this type of cataract over time.

Aren't we just full of strange "niggles" in this world of health surprises! 😍😎🤓😡😥🤥

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Hi Joyful. I have recently been told I have premature cataracts caused by the Pred. I am 54. My optometrist said I will need an operation at some point as once you have got them that's it and they only get worse over time. Hey ho - at least after the op you get brilliant vision. Others will be along soon with more experience I am sure. X

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Thanks for sharing. This was kind of a shock for me on top of everything else lately. I wish you the best in your situation.

Take care.


Hi Joyful. I know - it was a shock to me too and I was very upset, to be honest. Have just had to come terms with it - at least we still have our sight. Big hugs. Xx


Hi Joyful,

Yep, had the same thing - Pred induced cataract, which did deteriorate quite quickly.

Because I only have sight in one eye anyway, and my continual nagging (was going to NZ, plus needed to be able to drive as widowed) it was operated on a bit earlier than the surgeon would normally consider.

The operation was quick, the result magic, that was almost 3 years ago and all things good. I still need specs for close work, but distances good. Obviously only one eye was operated on, but I think if both are done, the lenses can be balanced so that you don't need to wear glasses at all -sure someone will correct me if that's wrong.

As you reduce the Pred, your pressures should reduce accordingly.

As you rightly say, life's full of little surprises!


Thanks for sharing your experience. I always appreciate your wisdom and personal experience. I am glad to hear that your vision improved after the cataract surgery.

Blessings to you.



Started prednisone in the February and 'steroid ' cataracts had to be operated on by November. Second eye done the following February. Excellent result with no post op problems since. It has been over a year since my last op and all is still good.

Take care !


Thanks for sharing your experience. I will not be so surprised if things do rapidly progress. Better to be forewarned.

Take care.


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