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Prednisone Believer

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I am 76, Last year about this time I was scheduled for Shoulder Replacement Surgery. One week before the surgery I was hit by not being able to get out of bed or get off the toilet without help. Pain in all my joints. All the symptoms people report. I eat healthy, exercise, meditate and basically am low stressed. I do have Osteo Arthritis.

It was during the Christmas season and my Health Care Team had time off for the Holidays. My wife took me to KP Emergency Care. It was slow at the time and so two Dr's and four interns started asking questions. After awhile an intern asked does it hurt in both shoulders, both hands and both knees. Yes. Did it hit you all at once. Yes....BINGO.

They put me on a Prednisone, "taper down" program starting at 30mgs. Within a few hours I started feeling better and next day, normal. Symptoms were gone. I am Living a healthy life and have stayed on the program.

One year, no flare ups, no side affects and down to 1mg. of Prednisone and once again ready for my Shoulder Replacement Surgery.

Prednisone keeps the pain away and.... I won't go blind... Nuf said.

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Good old pred, the wonder drug.

Always good to hear a success story.

Wow that was quick, you were lucky. I had pain relief within hours but the disease has played havoc with me since. I don't think many peopld have a steady decrease like that.

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Could only happen to a man I think??! Never heard of a woman with such a short journey on Pred!!

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Must admit I did wonder the same thing.

Good going!!

Stunning! It seems the male world is different!!!! Who Knows on this one! Spooky!

When I was diagnosed with PMR a year ago I was shocked. Why me, why at 76, why at all? I am retired and have time to do research. I started reading what other people were doing for it. Ranged from marijuana to two qts. of milk a day. Crazy, individual takes on what their course of dealing with PMR and not letting it turn into GCA should be...

The side affects of Predinisone seem have quite a range. Everyone has such a fear of Prednisone. I have been with Kaiser P. for thirty years. No complaints, all good. They have a data bank with patients with everything in existence. What works and what doesn't. To let Prednisone do it's job I quit drinking alcohol totally. Tapered way down on sugars. increased water intake, Walk a half hour a day. etc., etc.

PMR seems to attack arthritic or injured joints. I've seen several posts of people falling and hurting their shoulders, hips, etc., after which they came down with PMR. I myself was waiting for shoulder replacement surgery for a worn out, very arthritic shoulder with bone spurs, very painful when PMR hit me. Had to postpone. I have a worn out arthritic knee that is also attacked by PMR. Also worn out from many years of sports. I have had steroid shots for the shoulder and knee every three months for a year. Time for surgery.

I will ride this PMR/Prednisone story out no matter how long it takes. Not stopping the Prednisone. I am building my bones by taking calcium, vit. D3 and magnesium. Also taking a glucosamine chondroitin combo. This immune disease SUCKS ! So does pain. Everyone will deal with it in their own way. Maybe someday, hopefully in my lifetime, a cure will be developed. Until then I will eat right, eliminate any intake of items that may hinder the pain relief and the taper down of PMR.

Bottom line. I don't want constant pain or GCA and want to live a LONG time.

Best of health to you all.

Love Life and it will Love you back...


I agree wholeheartedly. Managed right it is a miracle drug. Long may you feel well.x

That is fantastic!! All the best for the future!!

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