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Homeopathic alternative remedies

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Recently went to a Natural Wellness Center and was interviewed by the therapist who said "these autoimmune diseases are brought on by stress, What are you stressed out about.?"

I said I didn't think I was stressed out about anything really.

He said "are you married?" Yes. Are you stressed out about your wife? No, She's Great.

Do you have children? Yes, a daughter. Are you stressed out about your daughter? No, She's Great.

Are you stressed out about money, No I'm ok.

I thought for a moment and replied:

The only thing that has me stressed out is this G%#^damn PMR and the fact that I 'll be taking Prednisone for the next year.

"I think you're out of balance. Take these 10 supplements and come back weekly for me to rebalance your energy"

Anyone had any success with this type of treatment?

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In the past we have had homeopathic practitioners on the forums who have said that while they may be able to ameliorate the effects of the treament using homeopathy, they cannot help the PMR itself. One pracitioner took high dose pred to deal with her GCA. She was able to get off pred relatively quickly - but there is no way of knowing whether the extremely powerful dose of homeopathic medication she used had anything to do with it. And she herself said that no practitioner would use such doses for patients.

Placebo effect... ?

My quess who has the most success ,would be the therapist .

I have had occasion to mention PMR to two naturopathic doctors and they both agreed they could not treat PMR effectively, although I think they both felt they could help with some of the associated problems including nutritional status.

Whilst I do tend to agree with stress causing illness I also feel there are many unscrupulous people very willing to exploit that fact. I hope that the last bit of your story was tongue in cheek? Xx

I spoke to a natural practitioner at our local cafe who told me she had cured her mother of PMR using natural supplements. She said it took 3 years & I have to wonder if she would have gone into remission then anyway? Be careful as some supplements do not react well with prednisone.

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piglette in reply to Janstr

She probably did go into remission, I wonder how she knew her mother was cured, presumably she was no longer in pain. The poor lady was probably in agony for three years.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Janstr

That's half the problem with any "I cured my PMR ..." claim - it goes into remission anyway, whether you do anything or not.

Homeopathic remedies can be a severe source of stress when you realise you've emptied your pockets into the hands of a charlatan and their treatment plan never had any chance of success from the get go. And that will make you medically more ill. Stick with legitimate medicine, scientific health care, and the support of people on here who have been through the same thing that you have, is my advice. :)

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Leilagirl in reply to Brantuk

I agree. This illness cannot be managed by homeopathy,unfortunately. Good healthy Nutrition sources as well as some vitamin supplements may be recommended.. but stick with solid .. evidence that relieves our pain and inflammation.

Happy holidays to all my PMR friends.

Leaky gut . It's all about the food

They are playing with your mind......pay.......think this will cure me.....and ......it might.....or not! Try the positive thinking without paying someone else! V

The latest I was told by a homeopathic practitioner friend was that it can be cured with cold laser treatment. Yeah, right. I remain a skeptic. I laid out $250 for homeopathic meds that didn't do a damn thing at the beginning of this unwanted journey.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to artfingers

HersonNS has used cold laser I think - she feels it helped lower the pred, but it didn't cure it.

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