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Why Didn't my wrist break?


Hello Everyone.

Back from the holiday from hell, I survived just. It was so depressing developing Tendoniitis in my left foot which meant I limped my way through 5 countries in a lot of pain not to mention feeling like I would collapse from the humidity. Seriously, that is the first time in my life I could wring my hair out. Ha ha. Darling son in law was a great tour leader and we traipsed up and down stairs on many stations. Wish he hadn't booked us onto a train for 2 nights and 1 day called hard class. Yes we slept on boards with an inch thick top. We all felt like we had been tortured at the end. We were the only westerners on board.

David and I then had 6 days in a lovely resort in Han Oi which was pure luxury, we revelled in it. Did very little shopping as I couldn't walk, this is a first for me. The day before we were leaving the resort offered a cooking class which we went to. A little table was set up on the terrace for us to sample the delights. All good. Before the session started i decided to take a photo of the ingredients all line up on the table 1 step above us. Silly me. Instead of stepping up I forgot the step was there and tried to walk through it. I lunged forward hitting my cheek bone and eye on the marble edge of the table, twisted the ankle of THE OTHER FOOT and hurting my wrist and wrenching my shoulder. Scratched my glasses, by some miracle they didn't break. Now have a lovely black eye. Now can hardly walk because both feet are painful.

After sobbing on my husbands shoulder for a few minutes and seeing all the work the staff had gone to for the cooking lesson I soldiered on.

The positives of the holiday was the fact that we got to spend 2 weeks with my daughter, son in law and 3 grandchildren which was wonderful. The 9 year old was a sensation with the Asian people. They could not believe his big back pack and skinny little legs. I picked up his day pack which was also very heavy and asked what he had in it. 3 novels was the reply. The other positive is the fact that I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and pressured to have the Prolia injections which I rejected. I know women who have just fallen in their garden and broken their wrist so I am pretty happy that I escaped a break.

Oh, the other highlight was getting a message from the bathroom renovation to say we have stopped as we need to discuss the vanity when you get home. stuff everywhere from that. Oh well. It is good to be home.

Best wishes, Cheryle

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That sounds like a very ambitious holiday. The good part is, that when all the bruises have faded, you will be left with lots of fond memories and stories of the fun stuff with your family ❤️

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Thanks Bronni. . Definitely my last holiday like that but as you say lots of happy memories. X


Oh Cheryle a few days rest is now in order for you, forget about the washing! When the bruises fade, it’ll be good story telling around the dinner table, that’s for sure!

All that lovely time with your family, I did recommend you booked a train upgrade didn’t l? 😉 I feel sore just thinking about the mattress!

Take Care & Recover

Angela xx

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Hi Angela. I remember you saying to upgrade. The whole train was the same.Hard Class. He could havs booked soft class. One toilet at each end and we took our own food. 2 minute noodles, biscuits,bananas and bread. I have actually come home fatter damn it. Anyway I would like to wish you all the best for your test results. Xx

Glad you are home with no fractures Cheryl. It sounds like you weathered many storms and managed to sort the wheat from the Chaff Cheryl.

Its good to be home relatively unscathed. I forgot to mention i had wheelchairs organised at the airports which was brilliant. Now to think about Christmas. Love ti be in the mood. Have fun with the grandkids. X

It is lovely to have children here again. It brings the house to life! X

Oh my ,that sounds like the kind of holiday you need another to get over it with . Sounds amazing if not just a little exhausting .

It was exhausting but good to be with family. I even managed to pull a few weeds up today.

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I felt exhausted for you but glad you were with family x

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

“why didn’t I break my wrist?”

Well obviously the Prince of Broken Bones was overruled by the Queen of Give the poor woman a rest!

And by golly it sounds as if you need one!



Ha ha. Very well said.

Doesn't sound like my idea of fun !! But so pleased you survived it and can now look forward to Christmas! X

At least you did it. Well done! I had much the same to contend with on my Round the World In 42 days trip. But if I hadn’t have gone then I would never have done it. Reducing my Pred now as I upped it to cope. Scars are healing on thin skin after a fall and few other scrapes and I can’t bend over again after a beach trek slip and some coral. All a lovely distant memory. The good times far outweigh the “incidents”.

You are right, you have been tortured.

I had a rough time in India hunting tigers in the jungle. I swelled up like a balloon and we had to come home. Sadly I have to accept that I am 77 not 27 and as a friend says, avoid anywhere you can’t drink the water.

Doesn’t stop me still wanting to go though

Take care


My gosh you are brave. You are incredible. I could not do a fraction of that and you are not moaning like I would be. So impressed. You have a great attitude. Well done,,,,,!,,,,,

I moan non stop. My poor husband

I see a brave woman who battles on xxx

Sounds like some holiday - shame about your accident! I do hope you are on the mend!

As I refused to take Alendronic Acid, I have finally been referred for the infusion

This only needs about half an hour once a year! Just waiting for an appointment. Once in the system, appointments SHOULD be sent out once a year!

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