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why MB is down on fun


Don't worry fellow PMRGCA friends, Mark is just sulking because Tedski ran away to Hollywood. He'll be back and the old silly MB will return to his former self. Here is a Photo of Tedski with the band... looking good I must say.

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Very suave!

Priceless..! I was wondering where he'd disappeared to (and with my best bow tie) ... :-D

Oh Uncle MB. How I regret not heeding your words. I have the DF. Any tips? Xxx

Well Daisy, it's a regular question here - and not an easy one to pinpoint the causes of!

From experience, and what I've learned here, the DF (Deathly Fatigue - physical and mental) can be due to any or all of:

The heterogeneous and debilitating nature of the underlying Auto Immune condition itself, physical over-activity (in the PMR context), undue Stress, comorbidities (e.g. the Flu, viruses), infections, injuries and trauma, insufficient Pred to manage PMR symptoms and / or too fast a reduction, seasonal changes in weather conditions (e.g. damp and / or cold), and possibly even diet.

As for coping with DF? Some here advise upping the Preds a little to control this, and the other usual PMR symptoms (e.g. pain and stiffness). But I think the main strategy is to try to roll-with it, pace your activity, and accept that the DF is an unwelcome but quite typical add-on to the PMR / Pred equation. Yes, easier for some of Us Lot than others - especially those of us who are more 'Action' oriented types.

On the positive side (and again from experience), the DF does seem to subside in intensity and frequency as PMR settles down and / or you get to lower doses of Pred. But that's only my experience.. we are all different.

In my opinion, the DF can be as demanding psychologically as it is physically. No wonder some of Us Lot get thoroughly fed-up when the Body / Mind 'energy battery' (Cortisol production?) feels constantly depleted (sometimes despite the optimum level of Preds to control Pain and Stiffness?) and is slow to charge-up.

I think that's where a support group like this is so valuable in being able to compare notes with others and realise that we are not alone on this sometimes unpredictable and scary health Journey. And, of course, to share a smile or two about being able to find the Lighter Side of PMR, DF and all that goes with the various symptoms. Therapeutically, that can help too.. ;-)

'Uncle' MB

Sorry Mark, I fell asleep reading this, can you just summarize it for me ?

Only kidding :-)


Not surprised Pete - I nearly fell asleep writing it ;-/ :-D

Mark your reply is so generous. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It’s a very difficult feeling to explain isn’t it. The thing that is needed most is patience and that is the hardest thing to find. You are a darling. Tell Ted I said so. Xxxx

What would we do without uncle MB? Not forgetting Tedski of course! 😂

The mind boggles Sue. Equally, what would I do without You Lot? (Answer: go out and get a proper job..?) :-D

Here’s one right up your alley!🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼

Yep Sue, the Job / Person Description:

Self-contained 'Santa's' Special Grotto, 6 Reindeer, Obligatory Bouncy Knees, Fluffy Long White Beard etc. Performance Target: Issue 200 Jolly 'Yo-Ho-Ho's per day to an assortment of often delinquent infants who demand new X-Boxes / iphones etc and shout 'GIMMEE GIMMEE GIMMEE!!!' incessantly with their adoring parents' encouragement.

Ohh, maybe give the job to Tedski? He'll sort them all out ... ;-) :-D


Fake News! :-)

Get it right Pete - Fake NOOZ! :-D

Wow he does look very handsome,l hope he comes back home by Christmas .....

Careful what you wish for Grants... ;-) :-D

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