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The Windy Side: Wild Weather at Benjamin Mansions - and More Change on the Journey? ;-)

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Greetings All, from WSM on the south west coast of the UK on a VERY wet and blustery Autumn evening.

Well what to say? Only that it's blowing a Bl**dy Hooley here! Methinks about surfing on the waves of the tail end of Hurricane Florence, or whoever? But I can only imagine what greater devastation Florence has bestowed on some of You PMR GCA Lot in the US...

If this continues, I sit here nervously anticipating BM (Benjamin Mansions) becoming suddenly and violently detached from the UK mainland, being whisked precariously northwards up the western side if the North Atlantic in the 60+ mph winds (Italian Chandeliers, Roman artefacts, Ikea furniture and all) and ending-up wedged ignominiously between two rocks off the Western Isles of Scotland with a bunch of RNLI Lifeboat personnel shouting "MB, YOU'RE DOOOMED..".

That's ok in one way. I love Scotland - and Scotland's Western Isles are a magical place. But does this mean that (if Tedski and I survive the ordeal..) I'll have to apply for Independent Scottish Nationality, start eating Haggis, Tatties and Neeps, wear a Kilt and play the Bagpipes every day? And.. change my surname to 'McBenjamin' and adopt a 'Cod' Scottish accent? I'm practising already. The phrases "Och Aye", "The Noo", "Yer bum's oot the windae" and "Lang may yer lum reek" come to mind. I've no idea what Tedski will make of it. And for my taking part in the Scottish National sport of Tossing the Caber? No smutty jokes please, Aunties... :-D

Actually, I'm getting used to the idea of becoming a 'Scotsman', rather than an 'Englishman' - even if unplanned and due to extreme circumstances. There must be some vague symbolic analogy with the tortuous complexities of the Brexit negotiations here? But at this time in the evening (and with the vestiges of 3 years of PMR and the Preds) I'd better not attempt to expand on it.

Only to say that, if I'm not in contact for a while, I'll be back in touch from my new location as the (new) Baird of Benjamin Castle soon, 'the noo'. Tedski will look 'bonny'' in a kilt, as will I. We both look forward to sampling the delights of Glenmorangie, Laphroaig, Glenfiddich and other fine Scottish Whiskeys as an alternative to the Red Stuff (in my case) and Vodka (for Tedski). Oh well, that's Change for you..?

On the more serious subject of Change: in this silly rambling, the analogy of PMR, GCA and other Life Changing situations came to mind too. In other words, we can't always anticipate what Life, and the Winds of Change, will throw at us (like the current storms here). But, if we can adapt to them, maybe we at least have some hope of surviving them? You tell me...

Keep smiling on the Journey: and whether you are in the UK or not, keep in mind that This, too, Will Pass and Things Can often Get Better ;-)

Best wishes and enjoy your weekend wherever you are in the world.

MB :-)

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When you get there,post a photo of you in your kilt with sporran !😂😂😂Hope you like porridge👍

Ohh.. Sandra. Mc MB in a kilt and sporran? Not a sight for those of a nervous disposition.. :-D

Make sure the wind doesn't get you in the Trossachs!

Ohh, I got the wind up the Trossachs once before. It brought tears to my eyes..

NOW ('Telian' and All following this silly thread): THAT'S ENOUGH OF THIS CHILDISH SILLINESS ON THIS VERY SERIOUS HEALTH FORUM OR I'LL.. er.. oh well.. probably just carry-on joining in an effort to.. er.. just appease You Lot.

The Stockholm Syndrome comes to mind..? ;-)

We'll let it subside with the more tears!


Mark may I donate my grandma ‘s favourite expression? “ Awa’ Ye go ‘n wachle yer wallies”. Which I am assured translates to a benign order to shake one’s false teeth

I have no idea why one would wish to perform this action or instruct someone else to, but my nana was a doughty Glaswegian so nobody argued. Thank you for your upbeat and heartening message. Xxxx


Always keep us laughing! You are so good at it. Thank you. 😀

Thank you klaroche, all part of the service ;-)

Even me, in the wind tunnel of the UK, where we call a 30mph-er ," an Anglesey Breeze", is willing to admit it's well blowy out there.

You may not get blown as far as Bonnie Scotland and get swept on our little island, but don't despair, pretty sure the vacancy of High Sheriff is coming up soon , and you still get to wear a velvet tunic and a kilt as the official regalia , so you'll do alright.

Just remember, think of the kids, you can leave your pants as well as your hat on!

Thanks for cheering me up , you are officially a better pain relief than the gift from my GP.

Haha he is a complete tonic isn’t he. We just need the gin now!!

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Telian in reply to Daisychain12

Cheers me dears!!

That sounds good, I do like to dress up occasionally. It reminds me of when my wife and I visited Edinburgh castle years ago, and she asked one of the handsome guards: "Excuse me, what's worn under a Scotsman's kilt?" He replied with a wink: "Nothing Lassie, it's all in perfect working order!". She didn't stop giggling for a week... :-D

Going commando is a no, no for non Scots laddies like yourself.

Unless you are at home and choose to remind your beloved of happy memories of Scotland of course.😋

Don't even think the hardiest Scotsman will be going out today in his kilt in this wind, not unless hes smuggling some seriously weighty haggis in his sporran!

Just read this back and have realised I have yet made one of my accidental double entendre s, stuff it , I will post it anyway and take the consequences!!

I'd forgotten that term ('going commando'..)! :-D My now ex-wife and I (thankfully, we are still close through thick and thin) still reminisce about our times in Scotland.

As for Double Entendres - keep it up! :-)

Hahaha. ...... yes always a good idea to keep it up. My uncle got drunk one night and next day discovered the girl he had ended up going home with had back combed his sporran!!!

I'm trying to imagine it. No better not. The mind boggles. The boggles boggle... :-D

What a fabulous name for a dog. Boggle. Love it xxxxx

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Telian in reply to Blearyeyed

Heard of Budgie Smugglers, not Haggis!!

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Daisychain12 in reply to Telian

Oh yes. Our ex prime minister insisted on wearing them. Dreadful on anyone over five.

Ha ha ha ha!!

Thanks Mark,you will have to learn to play the bagpipes,it would probably send Tedski rushing back to BM,his ears throbbing as they are rather delicate when it comes to the sound of high pitched screeching ! I absolutely love Scotland ,if you need some company there l would love to join you. Thankyou for cheering us all up. PS,l like the bagpipes.

Me too Grants!!! I remember my dad saying that the bagpipes sound like a pig being squeezed and squeezed! He was a sassanach though so his opinion doesn’t count!

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Rokerman in reply to Grants148

I’m sure I read somewhere that one definition of a gentleman is:

Someone who can play the bagpipes - but doesn’t...........


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Suet3942 in reply to Rokerman


Excellent 🤣. I hope you’re still in one piece in England!!!

I am in the UK - and someone turned the heating off and did indeed leave the fan on high!!

You could design your own tartan, keep you indoors for a bit whilst hiding from the midges!

Yes Chris, I'm designing one. The McBenjamin Tartan: small 'checks'.. (Scottish / Jewish joke - get it?) :-D

Hi Mark, in Holland we have one mountain 300 meter high we all go there in case of emergency. The storm is here now. And I really really do hope the Eu and Britannia can work it out some reasonable way, the Brexit, and we can rule the waves together. The storm is here now.

Dear Alletta, who can know about the result of these very complicated Brexit negotiations? Like you, I just hope that there will be a happy outcome for all. Let's keep our fingers crossed?

As for the Storm? It will pass, as all storms do.. ;-)

Always enjoy your words😀

OMG Cyclegirl, haven't you got better things to do?! ;-) :-D

Hi Mark,

Always good to read your posts and hear about the goings on at MB Mansions. Your picture is fantastic, I envy your pink legs, mine look like well I won't go there, even though they are longer than usual you couldn't mistake them for cricket stumps. Yes I'm rambling again. A little bit of good news the Dexa Scan says my spine is just in the osteopaenic range as compared to the female population. The scanner doesn't seem to have sufficient males to compare with.



Hi Colin

Nice to hear from you, glad all's good with your Dxa scan ;-)

Oh Dear you confused moi, I thought it was Thursday when I got up and then.........................🤔

However as Scotland had the first Charity in the UK for PMR and GCA and it has gone from strength to strength - so you would be fine in the Western Isles.

Occhh Aye Jinsac.. ;-)


This North Carolinian wishes you all safety and loads of sunshine!! We are still a bit swamped here in N.C. but relatives came out with minor damage but loads of downed trees.

Well you would think this Atlantic Ocean girl was on prednisone the way she’s behaving !! She’s got some serious “roid rage” going on, yes?

Glad you and yours are o.k. though I do wish you'd keep your weather to yourselves!! Though I've heard that nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning!

Dang, now I’ll be humming that all day😂


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Joaclp in reply to forwardmotion

We are on low dose pred here in central Virginia (C'ville), with very sweaty air. Take care in NC.

Thanks forward. Well, things are settling down a bit here in the UK - and we are due for some more settled weather next week. Yep, the Atlantic Girl did give us a reminder that the forces of Nature are more sometimes more powerful than Us Humans..?!

Can you Hang Ten? Do you subscribe to "Carve"? If you are off course and debouch in the Pacific, I know a place in Malibu.🐡🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️🏊‍♂️🤽‍♀️🏝🛳🛁🛁🌞🌞☂️☔☔🌂💧💧💧🌊🌊🌊

Dear MB,

When that wind starts blowing you into the sea, be sure to save Tedski first.

Thanks Coda, but the MBMEEP (MB Mansions Emergency Evacuation Procedure) is all under control. I tested Tedski's sea worthiness the other day by chucking him into the boating lake. He floated.. so he'll probably need to save me if the worst happens! :-D

You need reporting to the NSPCT

The National Society for Protection from Cruelty to Tedskis? Ok, hands up. I admit to having previous form for this kind of thing. On the other hand, Tedski has previous criminal 'form' too. Convicted of 'TWOC' when he Took ('borrowed'?) the precious Limo Without Consent.

I guess it's ASBOs for both of us then..? :-D

Too right - You taught him well!


I’ve a mental picture of you doing that. You do make us laugh MB. 🐻🐻

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