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Be Good To Yourself!


As the holiday season ramps up and those of us who are usually pretty good about not overdoing it, suddenly find ourselves in pain because we completely overdid it yesterday, I want to thank everyone for their wisdom and support. Regardless of where we are in our personal battle of health issues it’s always worth being reminded to be good to yourself. Take the day off to recover if you need to. Snuggle with a pet. Order take out for dinner and don’t feel guilty for doing so. While our love and patience are precious gifts we give to those we love, remember to be equally patient and loving if not more so, with yourself. Love to all ~

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Thank you for your very thougtful post,it is true that we can easily overdo things and this can cause increased pain and fatigue.l often make the mistake of thinking l can do certain things which involve a lot of walking ,or spending too long working in the garden ,l enjoy both of these activities but definitely need to give myself some TLC the next day.Love and best wishes to you Nitrobunny xx.

Thank you Nitro for a great posting! We often forget the basics and your post reminded me to take some time for myself. Thank you.

Lovely sentiments! Thank you!

Nitro that is so wonderfully done. Such good words we all need to hear. You take your own advice as well won’t you. Much love. Linda xxxxx

Hi Nitro you are so right. I have a broken sacrum s1 and L5 as well as osteoporosis. Last night I drove to get takeaway food instead of ordering by phone. I had to park

A long way from the restaurant. In terrible pain today which meds are not touching. Lola

Oh my goodness L5 and S1 are my nemesis as well. (As if all the autoimmune issues aren’t enough right?) I have compression fractures in both of them along with disc issues. I know what you mean when you say pain meds won’t touch it. I hope and pray you are able to get some relief soon. It’s just so difficult when then most basic task causes debilitating pain. I really do have to tell myself to be careful and calculate every move. Be well~

Hi Nitro you are the only person that I have spoken to with fractures in S1 and L5. What are you're doctors saying you should do. My orthopedic neurosurgeon says that surgery would not necessarily stop the pain, I can only get 50 to 70 percent better and out of every 200 fusion surgeries they do only one is a sacral fusion. So I don't think I'll opt for surgery. Please get back to me and let me know what you're options are. Also please let me know how much you can do given you have these fractures. Lola

Hi Lola! I’ve had several consults about my compression fractures and the consensus is to avoid surgery until I have no other choice because again there is no guarantee the risk would be worth the reward. I think I mentioned they’re compression fractures from the extended and high dose of prednisone I was on. I’m on fairly low dose now and the fractures seem to be settling in well and even modestly healing unless I do something to aggravate it and then I suffer. I also have disc issues in the same area. For the me the thing I have to avoid is doing any one thing for an extended period of time, sitting, standing, walking too long is never good. If I stay in one position for too long while I sleep I have great difficulty even rolling over to reposition. At the same time I have to move enough so I don’t “lock up”. I’ve lost most all the weight I’ve gained from the prednisone and that’s made a difference. I also have an amazing massage therapist who is gentle but effective in helping me manage pain and move better. So for now I’m pretty much staying the course hoping for improvement but doing the best I can in the meantime. Combined with the PMR and other issues I have it can be tough but for now I feel I’m fairly stable. I don’t know if I’ve been helpful to you at all but I’m happy to answer anything you ask. Best~

As I sit with a heat pad on my neck (after having sat on it awhile for my hips) I was thinking how much of life now revolves around taking care of myself and pacing what I do. I echo others that no more reducing until after the holidays. Don't want to risk feeling lousy with family coming. Good post 🐰

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