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Hi You May have read my story of constant rest after 2 hip replacements in 5 months, one in May and the 2nd on 8th October. At 5 weeks and 2 days post op I have found I can do a bit of waddling without crutches!!!

The sun is glistening on my sea view and the balcony door is wide open.......lovely. I have put up early Christmas lights round the balcony not for Christmas, but for the Murder Mystery Dinner for my friend’s 70th on Friday evening. Set in 1900 Parisian hotel.....should be fun.

Poor love had to cancel her planned holiday when her 97 yr old dad fell and broke his hip in 3 places just a few days after moving to a Care home. Now they have £5,500 bill for November room that is empty.....ouch!

Keep smiling.💃🌈🌝💐Valerie

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi Valerie,

Keep waddling on 😉. Gorgeous day here as well ☀️- long may it continue.

Happy to hear you are doing well

Lovely balcony and view

Hope you all enjoy the dinner sounds fun


Er can't they show the care home was at fault? That isn't why you pay those appalling amounts...

Well done you!

Stunning view!


Beautiful view... I hope your recovery continues to be successful!

Good to hear you are up and moving. Bet that makes you feel much better. Snowing here ❄️

Good to hear that your up and at um.

Have a great time on Friday. 💐🎂🥂

Oh Val what a gorgeous photo. Room for one lady with a vast bottom and a loud laugh??? Xxxx.

It would be good to hear the laugh........definitely on the mend. It’s so good to be moving again.......I missed walking. Valerie

I’m so happy to hear things are better!!! To know you are walking is terrific news!!!!!

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