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Just switched on external Christmas lights round our trees on the balcony and in the garden. How clever of manufacturers to come up with outdoor battery lighting that switches on for 8 hours and then off for 16 hours. Batteries said to last 30 days if set on a flashing programme, less when on constant! We’ll see.

🌲🎅🏽🧚🏼‍♂️Stay well so we can enjoy the festive season.....and pace yourself.

I have been experimenting with the ice cream machine I’ve bought for my 4 yr old granddaughter for Christmas, so I can help her on 25th.......the rum and raisin is fantastic. Hubble wants me to try pistachio now.

Cheers Valerie

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Dear Valerie, that looks lovely. I have the same lights wrapped round my little potted bay tree at the front door. They come on in the dark, twinkle and then go off during the day. Thank you Wilkos! Have fun with your grand-daughter - 4 is a delightful age.

Your Christmas wreath looks lovely,l love the little bird in the middle.The ice cream sounds delicious ,l wish you and your family a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year.

Bird of peace. Thanks for your wishes. I forgot how much work Christmas at home with guests involves. We have been away for last 15 years! V

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We bought our grandson a chocolate making kit and I was going to wrap it but I might need to test it first.Debby

We have to suffer for our grandchildren safety!!😂


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YellowbluebellAmbassador in reply to Valnvaughan

Exactly, he might have a chocolate allergy that's been missed by his parents for 6 years!!x

Oh you poor thing the terrible sacrifices we make for our loved ones hahaha.

All that ice cream, you are a hero! Re the decoration,

It looks just fabulous, so pretty!! Love it. Oh I think this time of year can be sooooooo joyful xxxxx

Where did you get your ice cream maker from? We have been thinking of getting one as we like ice cream but find supermarket stuff too salty

Sorry, cannot recommend ice cream maker. It is for a child, but it is fiddly, dribbles, and doesn’t work very well, particularly for ice cream with lumps in, such as rum and raisin. However the mix freezes in a container fine and taste divine with 10 million calories!! Valerie

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Devonspinner

I have an utterly wonderful Italian one from Gaggia. But you are looking at bucks (not quite megabucks, though it is far more now than when I got mine)! No need for freezer space and it works perfectly! It does need a bit of space though. My friend had one the same and loved it to bits.

I just discovered those for my front door as well. Aren't they wonderfully cheery 🎄 Lovely wreath.

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