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Good News Bad News

Good news is I finally got some sleep last night 1 hour 10 minutes then 3 hours 15 minutes, for a total of 4 hours 35 minutes. Been on 20mg for 11 days after reducing from 50mg for 7 days. Bad news is I woke up with a major flare up. Shoulders, upper arms and hip. Tow hands to hold a cup this morning.

Could this flare up be, cause of my extra time in bed? This is one strange disorder.


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Hi Gil,

Glad to hear you had a bit more sleep last night - but sorry about how you feel this morning.

Have to say, don't think you can blame your bed! Much more likely to be caused by the big drop from 50 mg to 20mg. Appreciate that's not your doing, but as some of us said previously it's not good for your body - as unfortunately you've found out this morning.

Hopefully, it may only be temporary, but as you've gone 11 days before it happened it certainly sounds more like a flare than steroid withdrawal.

Think you might have to seriously think about increasing, but if you can get through today perhaps you could speak to local doctor or Rheumy tomorrow. If not, then you may have to make decision yourself, even though you obviously don't want to increase, it may be the only way.


Just remembered you had gall bladder op not long ago, so that's not helped either. But advice remains the same. Take care.


Thank You


Hi, Gil--

Yes, it sounds like way too fast a reduction from 50 to 20 mg may have incited a flare. I'm not clear about the night sleep you cite--it doesn't sound like all that much to me. Had I suffered all the pain you describe, I think I'd take to my bed today. Good rest is an amazing restorer of everything.

Best of luck, Barbara

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Um - a good way of helping the agony of sleeplessness to some extent is to remove everything that can allow you to know what time it is. No light as far as possible, especially blue and green ones on equipment, and above all, NO CLOCK! I can't manage that in the summer as we have a church clock a hundred yards or so away which kindly chimes the quarters (one, two, three and four) and then the hour and we sleep with the balcony door open for coolth. But when I don't know, it is MUCH easier...

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