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GCA and shingles


I am taking Tocilizumab for GCA very successfully - and I now have shingles probably because my immune system is suppressed. I feel really miserable and in awful pain.

Taking antivirals. Have been told to stop the Tocilixumab for 4 weeks which will make 6 weeks in all since I had an injection. I take injections fortnightly and have taken them for 16 months. Am really worried I will get a a relapse of the GCA. Has anyone stopped taking TZ and not had a relapse? Would love some advice - difficult to speak to my consultant - has to be done via a secretary.

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If it were me, I'd go sit in the waiting room until the doctor deigned to talk to me. But then, I'm a pushy New Yorker.


I agree with Good_Grief!!! I would definitely NOT communicate via the secretary!!

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