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Shingles - complicated cases may lead to a higher risk of GCA in some people

I thought you might like to see this link:


You may have to register - but it is free!

It is based on a retrospective study of claims to a couple of health insurers in the USA so isn't really totally unbiased but is, nevertheless, interesting.

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Thx I'll have a look.


Thanks for this link PMRpro - something to 'file' for future reference - but hopefully not Shingles which sounds very unpleasant !!




Thank you for the link which I found most interesting. Two months after dx with PMR I had all the symptoms of GCA pred increased then four months later shingles, antiviral meds no further problems. During a recent flare some of the GCA symptoms were back so up with the pred again, reducing now DSNS with fingers crossed 🤞 Wrong way round but was always one of the awkward squad. Can see why someone would think there might be a link. 😊


This is very interesting. I had shingles twice, which is unusual in itself. It's a good number of years since the last bout of shingles so it doesn't really conform to the study results but I have to wonder. I remember when I came down with it for a second time being told that I was probably immunio- compromised.


Thanks for the posting. I had the blood test for Chicken pox in order to nurse my grandson safely. I apparently have the anti bodies. I have never had the disease. My mother would always say that I only ever had measles. I nursed my children through it, never got sick. Have no recall of interesting spots and itching as a small child. Doctors say I must have had a mild form - no. There is more to this immunity business than we know. The baby has it now and I kiss his spotty head with impunity or should I say immunity.


Hi. Had shingles on chest & back two months before GCA was confirmed. Thought it was a post shingles problem with throat,ear,tooth & headache. Very like a virus infection.


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