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Question about sore gum

Hi all, just wondering if anyone else out there has had sore gums below teeth, since starting out with PMR and treatment? I have had one sore gum in same place for ten days or more now, dentist can't see an abscess or anything obviously wrong, neither can dr. Just thought I'd ask you all, as all my info about this illness has largely been down to this site and all you informative lot. I am only three weeks into this illness so still discovering what it is like.

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Yes I get sore gums but use salt water Gargles and soon heals

Dentist like you was unable to see any problems


Thanks Rose54, that's reassuring. I will keep the salt water rinses up (along with bicarbonate of soda and warm water, as I have heard that is quite good too), and see how it goes.

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When I was on a higher dose of pred I had sore gums which also bled. I spoke to my dentist who said it is a side effect of the pred & recommended applying hydrogen peroxide solution 3% very sparingly. In New Zealand this can be purchased from a pharmacy. I found this got rid of the problem in a few days


Hello Janstr and thanks for your reply. Your sore gums sound a lot worse than mine, as I thankfully haven't had it bleeding, but I have only been on 15mg of pred so that maybe is why. I am starting to think it is down to the pred. Must be. I haven't been troubled with it too much in the last 24 hours and not needed the paracetamol, which is good, so hopefully it will settle, although I was feeling 'rough' yesterday like I was doped up or going in for the flu, maybe a reminder that I still have PMR!! I still have my review appointment with the dentist on Friday which I shall keep, so she can check for any changes, just in case I have an infection. If it gets worse I'll ask about the hydrogen peroxide.

I am finding there is so much going on with this PMR, that nothing is straight forward with all the side effects, it is quite a worry at times. And today I have started to reduce to 13.5 mg so am keeping fingers (and everything else!) crossed.

You must be in New Zealand, how lovely, I have heard it is a beautiful country. Some friends of ours years ago emigrated out there from UK, and settled in a place called Keri Keri. We also have an elderly aunt in Dunedin. We have never been, but hopefully one day.......


Yes there are a lot of side effects from both PMR & pred, but I found that the pred came as a relief, as my PMR was undiagnosed for 10 months & I had got to the point where I couldn't turn over in bed & it was taking me 20 mins to get out of bed. The PMR was diagnosed when I got GCA symptoms, so I was on a much higher dose to start with & at times quite spaced out. It was difficult in the first few weeks but the pred has given me my life back & I have learned to accept the side effects & don't worry about them now.

Keri Keri is lovely & also Dunedin. It's spring here now & lovely as everything is in bloom


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