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Medical students

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My surgery rang yesterday to ask if I would be a patient for medical students. Requested specifically as I had GCA/PMR.

Consultation done this morning and happy to say the students felt they were able to understand a bit more about these conditions.

I think more amazed that me and my GP now worked together regarding my controlling my doses of prednislone and not doggedly going by the book.

I am currently in 8mg x2 days and 8.5 mg x 5 days this last drop has hurt though but I will persevere for a little while to see how it goes.

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Well done Pamela! Every little helps. Empowering is healing, they need to know that.

Good for you, last week at hospital appointment, doctor asked if I would mind a student sitting in. She sat there smiling and winking every time I answered his questions, or disagreed with him......perhaps the last patient just meekly nodded, yes sir, no sir......I'm afraid those days are long gone for me!


Quite a few members of support groups have been asked to talk to students - you can offer as well, when you see your Consultant or GP.

I can assure you that raising the profile and getting to them young is good.

How totally cool! I think that is GREAT!


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Excellent - ours is a teaching hospital so used to student doctors - need more of it - like to think the doctors of tomorrow will be more aware of this illness.

Just make sure they don't abduct you!! I'd been admitted to hospital for tests and this trainee doctor came and asked if I minded going through my symptoms with him and we went into a side room. Half an hour later, we stepped out of this room and there was a rush of nursing staff saying 'there you are!!!!'. The doctor hadn't said where he was and who with so I was classed as 'missing' and they called security - my son was called out of work and was beside himself driving round the town looking for me - nursing staff asking him if I'd done this before was I of sound mind? After all had calmed down I turned to the doctor in question and said that's one lesson for you to remember doctor, make sure you let someone know where you are with your patients! He looked bewildered because of all the fuss and said he had to go.

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