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Rather than continuing to hijack the post where the med alert thread appeared, here is a new post. I have just spent a little time online and in Canada there seem to be at least two companies that provide the service. One provides an ongoing service with an ability to update information, for what can end up being a significant fee every year. The other sells you a bracelet or other device, engraved, etc., and that is it, although it appears that they also have an updating support that you can use (Interactive Health Record). I think I will order an attractive bracelet from the one shot payment place and can easily keep my dosage updated by changing a sticky dot inside the bracelet when needed. Hopefully never needed, but considering the frequency with which pedestrians get knocked down in my community, better safe than sorry!

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  • I always carried a steroid warning card (available from surgeries and pharmacies) in my handbag everywhere I went but for those who are interested in a medic alert bracelet here is a link to a registered charity supplying them here in the UK. There are other suppliers.

  • Hi,

    I've always worn a bracelet, as well as carry the blue steroid card in my purse. You don't need to keep updating your bracelet, I just have full name, the fact that I'm on steroids for GCA and tel no for NOK. Bracelet is better than necklace, as it's usually the first place that paramedics go to take your pulse. One would hope that they would then look for the steroid card to confirm doses etc.

    As Celtic says there are plenty of sites to get them from. I've made quite a feature out of mine (jewellery is a passion of mine) and it's quite often commented on!

  • Just ordered a bracelet, and a wallet card where detailed info can be kept up to date. The actual bracelet will come with a link to as much info as I care to add online!

  • As I've just explained on the other thread where this started!

  • I have a bracelet and the Interactive Health Record, peace of mind for me! And I think my son is relieved too knowing he'll be called if I can't tell anyone who to call.

  • Thanks to all who have contributed to this discussion. Thanks to advice I feel I've made the best choice!

  • Hello HeronNS,

    I just came across this post which I realize now is 9 months old, but I will ask anyway.

    I am in Ontario and was wondering if you were pleased with your medical alert bracelet? and if you wouldn't mind telling me what you like about it or don't, and the site online please. I have been meaning for ages to get one and don't want to put it off any longer.

    Thank you,


  • I really like my bracelet. I think I sent a link to a picture of what I chose sometime, I'll try to find that. Just be careful to choose a clasp that's easy to do up. I didn't get the default design for the clasp and think it would have been easier to manipulate. I went with a fairly standard plain silver bracelet but chose a pretty chain for it. When I reduce my pred dose I alter that in my record, and I've also added other relevant health details as time has gone by. There is just the one charge, when you buy the bracelet, and no more, no monthly fee. I'll look for more info and add it when I have done so.

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