Medical Students learning about GCA

My GP spends some of his week teaching medical students at Norwich University Hospital. He contacted me to ask if I would agree to be interviewed by some first year students about my experiences with GCA. I spent an interesting hour with two students and thought you would all like to know that they should have a better knowledge of PMA and GCA when they are fully trained than some of the GPs we hear about on the forum. Good to know that this is included at an early point in their training as doctors.

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  • It's been going on at Middlesborough (I think, the friend who does it is from near there) for some years. They were looking on the forum for volunteers a couple of years ago to extend the concept.

  • How interesting. My GP at the time, also in Norwich, completely missed it. I saw a doctor in Bournemouth whilst taking a break with the grandchildren who spotted it. I have since changed GP.

  • I imagine a GP in Bournemouth sees a lot of it given the retirement attraction of the place!

  • That could have been it! He was a young doctor doing an out of hours surgery. Whatever I feel lucky to have seen him and credit him with saving my sight.

  • I do think the younger ones are a bit better - perhaps older ones are just getting jaded.

  • Once when I had an appointment with my GP, she had a student with her. She asked me to tell the student all about PMR, so there's another potential GP who should be able to diagnose it.

  • Yes me too - In Australia there seems generally not very much awareness about PMR although my GP - who is probably in his early 30s - said everything about GCA is drummed into students quite rigorously for fear of the sudden potential of eyesight loss. The day I got my diagnosis confirmed - he also had a student and I made sure I went through each symptom in 'minute' detail and why I thought I had PMR. He agreed and I felt that I had also been able to 'educate' another doctor for any future patients. I am sure all our contributions and experiences add up - the main thing is to be taken seriously in the first place !!

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