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I am plagued with UTIs. Really getting out of hand. I've tried everything, cranberry, D mannose, nothing is helping. Continually back on antibiotics. Not to mention feeling horrendous. I think PMRpro and Sheffield Jane mentioned not taking calcium supplements and it helped, but what do you do then for bone health while on the steroid? Any help would be appreciated thanks as always!

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You need to see a Consultant Urologist.

UTI's are dismissed to easily at primary care level, anti-biotics dished out time after time.

Cleared up and then back again.

My friend, with PMR, and another without PMR, suffered from constant UTI's and anti-biotics.

Finally a Practice Nurse (off duty) said you do not have to put up with it, see a Urologist. They did, after having a struggle for a referral. However both have not had a UTI for well over 6 months, we are hopeful.

In the meantime, try this.................folk myth remedy given to my Mother in 1940 by a Matron when my mother was pregnant with my brother.

At the first sign of a UTI, take a teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in as little water as possible, Repeat after two hours. Hopefully it will stop it on its tracks.................don't ask me why it works, I have no clue, but it has worked for me in the past.

powerwalk in reply to jinasc

Oh will try anything. Thank you.

jinasc in reply to powerwalk

Let us know how you get one please.

powerwalk in reply to jinasc

Yes I will thank you.

My GP took me off Adcal and put me on Vit D alone. I do eat dairy. I have not been troubled by these symptoms since. However, no infection showed up in me, it was the sheer grittiness of Calcium I guess. A calcium rich diet, vit D and K ought to be just as effective.

Oh right. Thank you.

Sounds like you should have been referred to a Urologist. Is it the same bacterial type every time? My urethral irritation was helped by both reduced Pred dose and reducing my Calcium to 2mg per day.

powerwalk in reply to SnazzyD

Seems to be the same each time. Though not all have gone to the lab - just the gp test. And lab to make sure its clear. Might try reducing the calcium. I think gp will put me on low dose antibiotic for a while to maybe let things heal and if needed get a referral. Thank you.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to powerwalk

They MUST culture to find what bug it is to get the right antibiotic. Otherwise it is pointless. All they are doing is creating resistaent bugs - the ones left over that cause the next infections are being brought up on a diet of abx for them to get more and more used to. That is what causes resistant bugs - which one day will kill the human race.

Has the GP mentioned vaginal atrophy as the possible problem? Sounds horrible you can look it up on NHS site. Remedy was moisturisation.......we oldies can dry out anywhere......it helped me., along with Mannose at first twinge or even a preventative dose for a few weeks. Valerie

She doesn't mention a lot to be honest. Kinda sick of her. But yes I know what you mean. I will try some moisture treatment too maybe. Bit of a minefield. Many thanks.

The vit D I am prescribed is stronger than that contained in Adcal. Winter is coming.

Hmm, I think before I was put on long term antibiotics I’d want to know what the resistant organism is and whether microbiology had advised. Dip stick GP tests don’t say very much about what’s going on. GP’s I worked for would send someone off to Urology after 4-6 failed treatment or recurrences.

jinasc in reply to SnazzyD

Your GP was very sensible.

I know from personal experience that UTI's should not be treated lightly especially when you are already on medication and older.

Long story = a two day hospital admission turned into 4 weeks......................

powerwalk in reply to SnazzyD

I have been prone to uti s in the past and tests by consultant couldn't find a reason but I know things change and may need to be looked at again. This was about 6/7 years ago. But as I say it's really out of hand now. It's just constant. It's almost embarrassing to even have to tell anyone I have another one. Til I get a real bad one and have to stay out of work. Thank you for your response.

Don't want to be personal... but just in case it helps... I discovered I get a UTI if I have sex in a particular position. Just saying. Hope I've not offended anyone.

Ha i wish!! No offence taken. Tks.

Hi Janet. Very brave and kind of you to suggest this. It’s all part of being human and could just be the answer. Xxxxxxxxx

Darling have you tried HIprex? It’s a bladder anti germ pill. Buy over counter. I take it with d mannose and I’ve gone from a uti every month to none for 18 months!!

I never heard of that - I must look it up. Thank you x


I tried a different calcium supplement which did help.

But as jinasc says - time for a urologist. There are a load of reasons for recurrent UTIs and whatever it is needs to be identified.

powerwalk in reply to PMRpro

Yes just so exhausted with the whole thing. Many thanks.

Do not use soap of any kind in that area It worked for me

Oh I never do!!! thanks

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