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Please help


I'm really freaked out that I could have an eye parasite. I often feel like there's something in my eye like there's movement. The corner of one of my eyes is darker than the other though I feel movement in both. I have a phobia of parasites and could be freaking myself out. I'd just like to know how common they are and the probability of having one. I'm kinda looking for reassurance that I maybe don't have one. I made an eye doctor appointment soon but I'm afraid I won't have peace of mind since this phobia has given me anxiety attacks. Just anyone please tell me how likely it is I could have one.

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I know the sort of thing you’ve been looking at on websites.What they show, in great magnification, is a mite associated with Blepharitis that is sooo small it’s a bit like looking for a germ with the naked eye. I expect that you’ve come on here because we talk about eyes a lot, unless you have PMR or GCA.

You hit the nail on the head when you said “ phobia”. You’ve been driving yourself nuts looking at the Internet and have exhausted your poor eyes is my guess. If you are a regular/ keen, maybe even obsessed gamer, as your name suggests, then maybe you have the root cause. By all means see your doctor, but I think for help with the phobia and anxiety. In the meantime, keep your eyes very clean, perhaps using a very weak solution of baby shampoo to wash them and do have long rests from the Internet screens. Best wishes Jane x

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Excellent answer SJ !!

Likelihood next to zero unless you live in a third world country. Don't fret, be thankful you don't live in a third world country when this could be a reality, but you aren't and it isn't 🤣

I have Blepharitis and know what the feeling is like...but it is not a parasite....bathe your eyes regularly and this should help, but maybe talk to someone about your phobia.....but this is quite common, awful I know sometimes.....Good luck...

If you have blepharitis it can be caused by a bacteria which is very different to a parasite which is probably very rare in the western world I would think. If you think of it we have millions of creatures living inside us particularly our gut most are very friendly!

You may have floaters which are very common & certainly not parasites. An eye specialist can check for them

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