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Holiday insurance


Having just typed all this, before posting it I made a call to our previous (3 years ago) insurers and have probably got the answer. But I'll post it anyway as it might be of interest.

"I've at last got to a stage where we can contemplate going abroad - to visit daughter in Singapore. Eye surgeon doesn't want to see me for 6 months, and I can walk normally(ish) again). It's been 2 years since we dared think about it or have a holiday between many eye treatments.

The issue is: who do you people do about your holiday insurance? (aged 70). The pre-existing conditions bit worries me. Having PMR isn't the worry, there won't be an emergency that can't be dealt with by some extra Pred before getting home. But what happens if GCA comes on as an emergency? Do you have medical cover for that - is it considered to be a part of pre-existing PMR?

Or does everyone just go and hope for the best (not very good at that! - could be an expensive emergency.) I'd be grateful for any recommendations. I do still feel I want to be somewhere with a good medical system nearby, so rural Africa for example is sadly out.

Got to find out also if my recent bunch of Glaucoma treatments is a worry, but nothing's likely to happen there in a hurry. Wife's previous BC has always been excluded from cover, but again there wouldn't be an emergency."

So - result of 'phone call and carefully explaining everything, Staysure say that for £26 extra they can cover need for treatment of the pre-existing conditions. Total for a year for both of us worldwide is £168.48, including gadgets e.g iPad.

Can I stop worrying?! Have another couple of companies to get quotes from.

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That is an AMAZING price! Get the offer in writing before they change their minds - my friend was quoted more than 10 times that because of pre-existing conditions (atrial fibrillation to be fair) and being over 70!

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During GCA I had my travel insurance with LV (maybe not the cheapest, but you do get discount if you have other policies).

They didn’t seem particularly concerned about GCA, more interested in osteoarthritis - and whether I had it in my neck.

As you say just make sure you include all pre existing conditions. You may find a company designed for older people give a reasonable price - Saga for example or Age Concern have a “recommended” list - either web site or ring local branch.

Aviva wasn’t concerned about my GCA but they were concerned about a non-travelling elderly relative with COPD who might stop us travelling and for that they wouldn’t insure him causing us to cancel.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to SnazzyD

What were the chances of them stopping you travelling? That is a long term reason for refusing cover so not much hope...

SnazzyD in reply to PMRpro

He lives with us, so if he has an exacerbation and we have to care for him, tough.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to SnazzyD

Ah. Very tough.

Hello - I use a company called Just Travel Cover for and find them very competitively priced especially if you do a Google search for a discount code before you buy.

They have no age limit and I completed a medical declaration of pre-existing conditions so that they are all covered. They offer a number of cover options via different insurers - I paid about £120 for an annual policy including cover for PMR, ME/CFS and a few other things - I thought that was more than reasonable.

I'm about to put them to the test as I've just had to cancel an overnight stay in the Cotswolds due to a bad PMR flare.

However, your Staysure quote sounds very, very competitive indeed - I've used them too in the past - so maybe as PMRpro says snatch their hand off!

Also, have yourselves a wonderful holiday...Kathy

Sorry, forgot the link

Sorry, it was Leisureguard not Staysure, and in my excitement to see it was possible to travel at all, thought it was annual but it's single trip. Currently looking at lots of others. Will post the eventual cheapest I find after lots of checks! Quotes are held for at least several days.

Pipalina in reply to Roltuba

Oh dear, an easy mistake to make but if you consider the things that could possibly go "medically" wrong - £168 might not be too expensive a price to pay even for a single trip.

At least you have a little time to shop around for the best cover and price so good luck with that...personally, I'd rather have the peace of mind of the cover for the pre-existing conditions but at the best possible price! Good luck with Google!

I was recommended JD Travel who are insurance brokers and was quoted nearly half the price of that of a well known insurance company for older people.

JD take your information and then shop around for the best quote and then get back to you in a day or so.

A friend of mine has no problems and she is 86.

Hope this helps

My husband and I are going on a cruise next Sunday.... first proper holiday for nearly three years. Our annual travel policy is £495 and we are delighted with that to cover all our conditions. Up until now we could not get cover because my husband was undergoing tests every six months,

Sounds like a good price, just declare ALL pre-existing conditions for peace of mind, you never know when they might link it to something else that might erupt! and if you haven't declared it they'll find a way of getting out of paying up. ATB.

That sounds a very good price to me. You need to be upfront about pre existing conditions as insurance companies make any excuse not to pay up.

Snap it up. That’s a good offer. I had free insurance with Lloyds Bank until I had pmr. They wanted an annual amount of 67 pounds and then this year I had to declare the fact that I now have an adrenal adenoma and have had AF (which has now rectified itself) and a couple of other thing, all steroid related. Axa stated they couldn’t give me a yearly cover and would cover me per trip. They quoted £199.00. Needless to say I declined. Used Go Compare.

that is a fantastic price for a year for two! We are paying nearly £500 for two people for five weeks in Oz. My husband at present has no pre-existing conditions but I have PMR and DVT, though they didnt add anything for the latter when I rang them up.

I have annual policy with "pay for " bank account at Nationwide.

I declared my medical conditions and there was about a £40 loading. Conditions = thyroid disease over 30 years and stable, high blood pressure 40 years and stable, and PMR 3 years and osteoarthritis with 2 hip replacements this year, plus statin at low level, just in case, tho blood tests within range.

However I did not mention the side effects attributed to PMR or Pred - to eyes mild glaucoma, ears tinitus, nasal cavity problems, liver suspisions with no treatment except food restrictions, 2 bouts of pre diabetes beaten with restricted diet . And then AF episode following first hip replacement operation.

Should I mention the these to medical review. I thought they would be part of having PMR. None has required hospital and just a few meds.

From my hospital bed after 2nd hip replacement at 9pm yesterday.


PMRproAmbassador in reply to Valnvaughan

There are insurance companies out there who will refuse to pay up a claim if even a minor problem wasn't mentioned. They have access to your notes after a claim and can see you attended a&e or had a funny turn - someone had a big claim recently and only had a small amount paid out because of something totally unconnected and trivial. Can't remember but it was something like a broken toe...

piglette in reply to Valnvaughan

Insurance companies seem to do anything to not pay. I was talking to my osteopath today who has just had her Audi written off by someone jumping the lights. She has the bit if the other person does not have insurance the insurance company pays. Because the other person drove off and they do not know who it was, the insurance company is refusing to pay as the other person could be insured!!! What does one say.

Wow! Amazing price. In September we travelled to Arizona for 2. 1/2 weeks. We also use staysure. Our annual worldwide travel policy for myself and OH was over £700 pounds.i thought that was a lot until I got a quote for my son, a 50 year old who has a VP shunt, had stroke etc and could not get a yearly policy for him at all. But was offered a 19 day cover for £724. As holiday was booked and paid for I had no choice. My son has had the VP shunt since he was 18 , we have travelled extensively 2/3 times a year in the past (OH ex airline staff) and we have NEVER had to make a claim of any description. But that doesn’t count. Years back I used to talk to a doctor at the time of buying insurance who understood his condition, nowadays it is just a call centre employee who uses a questions and answers tick box with no real knowledge of the conditions etc. Hence the hike in price. Overseas travel will be restricted to one a year now unless we can get annual cover for him.

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