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Hi all

I have had PMR for just over 2 years. I have discovered that taking ginger helps my symptoms. It worked wonderfully at the beginning, but then I think my system got used to it, so I stopped. Restarting, it felt miraculous again like the first time, and makes me think the ginger really is helping and it’s not my imagination. has helped me to reduce my Prednisolone to 6mg. I take it in the evening, works better than in the day. I get it in concentrated capsule form from a company called Healthspan. I have also tried turmeric but it didn’t work for me. My doctor was interested and supportive, but wasn’t allowed to officially recommend ginger as it’s not approved by the NHS. I hope some of you can benefit from ginger as I have!

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Hi Perdicle, ginger is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties. Funnily enough when I first had the GCA I craved raspberries, still do. They are supposed to help improve your immune system.

I fancy some ginger now!;-)

Marymon in reply to Primarose

Raspberries for me too, just made a large bowl of sugar free raspberry jelly, with a packet of frozen rasps mixed in. My standby to dip into when I get a craving for a sweet treat.

Hot ginger drink in the evening when I used to have 🍷.

Primarose in reply to Marymon

Scrumptious. The raspberries I bought at the weekend are just crumbly bits, hardy a whole raspberry in there but I could put them in a jelly. Brilliant thanks Marymon.

Your drink sounds lovely, ginger without the punch!:-)

Marymon in reply to Primarose

Don’t give me ideas with the ginger, was being good.😇

I eat ginger every day, in all forms, I love it. I can't say for sure that it's helping but I'm not stopping now!

Primarose in reply to scats

My favourite of all comes thickly coated in dark choc.:-)

CT-5012 in reply to Primarose

And the dark chocolate is good for your Hb I’m told. 😁

Primarose in reply to CT-5012

Thanks CT-5012, I am off to the sweet shop now.;-)

scats in reply to Primarose


Luckily thats not one of my faves, although if you insist I could force myself!

Primarose in reply to scats

I wouldn't dream of doing that!;-) I am quite willing to have your share.:-)

It costs me a fortune because I have to order the biscuits through the English Shop here in Germany. Won’t stop me buying them though.

did you check

Can get loads of ginger/chocolate things here, but not my favourite biscuits.😒

Hollyseden in reply to Primarose

Mine too!! Now have the best excuse to eat them 🐖🐖🐖

This is great information. Thank you!!!

I love ginger in any form, as tea, or even better crystallised, and better still crystallised in dark chocolate!

It is not your imagination, ginger does help. Did you know that turmeric is also plant from ginger family? Anyhow, here in Japan, ginger is used often. It is even served with sushi as a way to cleanse the pallet before eating different kind of sushi. My favorite way to eat it is in fermented form, thinly sliced.

Another natural inflammation fighter is fresh garlic, if you (and others near you) can handle it. They all help. I take one or more of each every day.

I have it with peas as a side dish sometimes. I seem to fancy it, the body knows.

I almost always have a cup of ginger tea in the evening, made with grated fresh ginger. I think it does help because sometimes when I feel my symptoms are a bit worse I remember I haven't had the tea for a few days, and when I get back on track things improve.

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