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Rules taking Ibuprofen or other stronger pain killer

Some kind person has just given me a bottle of ginger wine! but the Sciatica like pains have accelerated and developed into something more severe, Dr has put me on Co-dydramol 2x4 daily, extreme pains from the Buttocks ,down the legs, crippling and use of stick now and the physio called in the Senior Physio, who ticked all the boxes and now they are looking at Spinal Stenosis with all Urgency-Scans, bloods, consultants .Sometimes the Co-dydramol is not enough. What the rules in taking say Ibuprofen? or other? - I am taking Lansoprazole and yogurt with breakfast- oats and or similar and off acid acid food.

My Pred is 13 going 12-8wk plan at the moment - the Ginger wine is non alcoholic!

Happy Christmas to all said with much Sincerity


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Ibuprofen with pred is not a good idea although the odd dose is probably OK - but actually I'd doubt it is any stronger than co-codamol.

How long will urgent scans take to see if it is spinal stenosis?


thanks PMRpro and others. Regret scan is in the New Year-Jan-which in reality is not to far away. In the meantime my Dr has given me co dydramol

1.5 tabsx3 daily plus 2xCodeine for night, helps when trying to turn over-the pain Is extreme-pain in the buttocks- shooting down the legs. Also impromptu when sitting still and quietly-'Wowcher' intensity.- take your point re co-codomol/Ibuprofen -sometime it is in the mind! try all the time but at times the body takes over,

(thank you DorsetLady-I will drink you health and all)

Happy Christmas ,John -given up the idea of a diving holiday booked a Downhill skiing one instead!




Enjoy the ginger wine!


I did increase my pred from 8 to 10mg with the sciatica and it made a slight bit of difference. When I tried to reduce again the pain was unbelievable. I was also given 30mg codeine co-codamol on prescription which also made a slight improvement, but the pain was still pretty bad. I have come to the conclusion if you have sciatica it hurts.


I totally agree I had sciatica for 6 months last year nothing touched it tried everything cocodamol amytryptiline morphine patches (they wouldn.t stay in place)finally after weeks of physio I said to him one day how do I get rid of sciatica? he said "get the pain under control" what he thought I had been trying to do for months I don't know anyway then he said just walk which is what I did. It hurt like hell at first had to use a stick but eventually it worked. Never went back to physio waste of time. Wendy


As PMRPRO says the odd brufen shouldn't hurt. However for sciatica you really need Amitriptyline or Gabapentin as these help neuropathic pain.. Both make you quite drowsy though. Hope it settles and you have a good Christmas 😃🎄


Prednisalone is an anti inflammatory tablet so you must not take any other anti inflammatory . You could induce a stomach bleed and damage to liver if you do .

I have taken codeine and paracetamol tabs for 40 + years and now unfortunately I am some what addicted . So am trying to change pain relief ,amazingly I have found that soluble tablets work better than hard ones . And was advised by neurologist to take as soon as the pain is there . And take every 6 hours . Have sometimes been able to get a result with straight paracetamol . So soluble is maybe worth a try . Also cold patches are good , I find better than heat .

Good luck


The only thing that worked for the sciatica was Inter Muscular Stimulation. This procedure is needles into the muscles which cause the muscles to "jump" releasing the sciatic nerve. I had tried physio and massage - had pain for six months - this worked after two treatments. Walking is good but painful to start. Good luck.


I found that acupuncture worked for me, they do it at our GPs surgery. It is done by one of the physios. The first session worked very well but the next two not so good. However, at the end of the six week course (over several weeks due to holidays) I was pain free. This was about 3 months ago and apart from the odd twinge which did not amount to anything I have been fine. I am also no longer on pred!!



I am sure that I read Ginger does not interact well with pred. It may be Ginger root so Ginger Wine may be ok .

Happy Xmas



I checked and there are no known interactions between prednisone and gingerroot. According to that website, pred interacts with more than 400 other drugs/substances.


Thanks Heron

It was suggested that some alternative medicine may be beneficial to another health condition I have as it was Chinese medicine I asked what the ingredients where and was told Ginger. I have since found out it is due to Ginger Root having the potential to alter blood glucose levels.

So unless anyone was diabetic cant see as you say it would be a problem .

Happy New Year



I find ginger helps headaches, and I have also used it on the (very rare) occasions I've had digestive problems. Both uses have been effective, so I am sure it does have anti-inflammatory properties. I don't usually find it gets rid of a headache but it seems to significantly reduce the amount of OTC painkiller I need. Also, ginger is not supposed to be *bad* for diabetics. Some claim it actually lowers blood sugar. I haven't researched that.


I bought a TENS machine and use that on some of my hurting muscles.

Happy New Year everyone


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