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Red itchy skin


About 4 weeks ago could be longer I developed a crimson patch under my right armpit only, slightly itchy stings as well it's quite big seams to be spreading slowly but I'm not sure on that either, I've tried E45,suducream, Vaseline and nothing no soaps just keep it clean ofcourse, I'm going to try see my GP tomorrow but does anyone have any ideas I thought it was a heat rash with these extreme temperatures were having but any ideas?

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Could be fungal because skin funguses love moist conditions and they get plenty of that in the pits. The doc will decide if it’s allergy, fungal, bacterial or other and prescribe the appropriate goop. You could try an over the counter antifungal but it’s best for someone to see it in the long run.

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Thank you both hopefully I'll get an appointment in the morning, I've had shingles years ago so I can rule out that and the neck etc., is all from giant cell,


Yes - I agree with Snazzy. Doctor time!

I had a stinging rash at the back of my neck. Doctor said it could be an allergy or Shingles, he gave me some Hydrocortisone cream 1% and within 3 days the rash had gone.

Do you use deodorant? As that might be either the cause or an aggravating factor

I stopped using deodorant weeks ago because I thought I might have suddenly got a reaction so played safe, I'm forever showering to keep my body fresh/clean but I've not used soap on that area either, if it's not one thing it's anouther !

Let the experts decide!

Hi Telian,are you taking statins? I had a rash like you described and was allergic to statin,if this is not the case l am sure your GP will be able to help you.

Shingles Aug16... PMR July 17... Pityriasis rosea Feb 18... off Pred now (2 Months), but it has been an awesome 2 years!!! Immune system playing games. Get to the doctor and have it checked out....

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