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Skin round eyes going blue/black

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On Saturday when I got up noticed what looked like brusing on inside corner of right eyelid,this morning worse and now on left eye lid . Starting to look like I have been hit seeing Doc tomorrow so before I start looking at Dr Google any ideas

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Not sure I have a violet hue round where you would use eyeliner. I was treated for 5yr with PMR and 2 yes with GCA. It was thought to be a symptom of GCA. However my diagnosis has since changed to Ankylosing Spondylitis, and I'm told the inflammation in my neck is causing this along with the other head symptoms. Apparently inflammation is a common cause of discolouration of skin around the eyes, as this skin is very thin. Be interested to hear what your dr thinks

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi Olive,

Take more water with it, then you won't walk into things🍷 On a serious note, sorry no idea, never had it with GCA. Sure you haven't knocked or rubbed it - and it like the bruising you get with Pred?

I had 'spontaneous bruising' while on 17.5mg Pred. Just woke up one morning with a beautiful black eye. The following day the other side of my face was covered with an enormous bruise.

By sheer luck the next day I had my Rheumy appointment. She took one look at me and insisted on admitting me to hospital where I stayed for 5 days while they did a fast Pred reduction. Went in on 17.5mg, came out on 12.5mg, bruising gone and never had it again - well, not so far.

I rather suspect that stress had a lot to do with it. It happened in between my retirement from my job and moving house, which was only a matter of weeks and I was feeling rather frayed round the edges!


Hi olive2709

I've had something similar, l looked like I'd been whacked in the eye but my GP just rolled his eyes πŸ™„ I decided in the end that the 'black eyes' (mine were both) occurred when I was very fatigued or tired & I also think there was some shadowing from my chubby face actually creating a shadow. Mentioned it to Specialist, again πŸ™„ but he was a guy too!

See what your GP thinks?

Best Wishes

Mrs N


For some light reading:

Hi olive

Only hopefully to reassure you (still see GP of course) mine intermittently goes like that, looks like bruising or smudged make up, mostly the inner corners of the eye. I am cushinoid caused by preds, along with the attractive moon face my eyelids are often swollen and puffy and I connect this discolouring to that - albeit I may be wrong. It's seems to come and go - more so when I am particularly struggling or tired. I Will be interested to see what you GP says.

Best wishes

Thanks all think worked it out , no swelling, no no allergy , I do have very sensitive skin and as a former natural redhead very pale skin plus have suffered with broken blood vessels in eye from early in my pred journey . When I see Doc tomorrow bet Alendronic acid or pred will get blame

I have the same. It's certainly got worse since GCA diagnosis, but my mum had it too (she also had PMR).

Do let us know what the doc says.

A few weeks ago my daughter pointed out that the inner corner of my right eyelid was swollen. I hadn't noticed it but she was right. Also I have had some tenderness just above the eye socket. Both these things have faded and I assume it's just one of those entertaining little variations in appearance the pmr and gca present one with.

Hi Olive, I noticed the same kind of discoloration at the inner parts of upper lids. The skin is fragile there, and rubbing my eyes or being zealous with the face cloths may have contributed. When it was most evident, I was around the 7 mg dose of pred. It has since resolved. I also had several episodes of bloody eye during that same time. Doc said no worry, but I looked like a zombie. 😜 Kind regards, Jerri

I have that and my doctor said that pred caused that, however she often says that.

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