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GCA, trochanteric bursitis and itchy rash

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I would be interested to know if anyone else has or has had a similar experience. Diagnosed with GCA end of July. September developed trochanteric bursitis in left hip. October, pain disappeared. Last week, trochanteric bursitis in right hip accompanied by an itchy rash at its worst on my back. No changes in anything that might normally cause a rash. Having difficulty in tapering steroids. Now on 22.5 mg. Anyone already travelled this road or have any ideas as GP doesn't. Thank you. Even if no one can comment it helps me so much just to share.

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Hi GrannyReid,

Can’t help with the itchy back. It could be associated with PMR, but would have thought you would have got it earlier on, most side effects of that nature appear in the first few months. You’ve obviously thought of all the usual things - washing powder, soap, shower gel, different foods ?

I have TBS in my right hip at present - nothing to do with GCA that’s in remission- but because I have arthritic left knee and haven’t been walking properly for a number of years and it’s suddenly decided enough is enough! Blinking painful, but a combination of massage, acupuncture and cortisone injections is keeping me going.

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Hi DorsetLady,

A question about your bursitis treatment. I have RA, GCA, Sjogren's etc. Following both hip replacements nearly three years ago I developed bursitis in both hips. I've had injections in both hips - one did no good at all, the other gave an improvement which lasted two weeks. You mention massage and acupuncture as well - were these recommended by your GP or Rheumy? I believe the injections I had just didn't hit the spot and I understand in some cases people have them "guided" in some way. I would like to know more about your treatments because the pain effectively stops me walking more than a hundred yards and my leg muscles are becoming weaker by the day.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to venezia1

Hi venezia1,

Bit of a lengthy answer, sorry.

Neither actually. GP had referred for physio re arthritic knee (he’s been faffing about with it for ages), went privately because of NHS wait - had seen him previously.

Anyway between making appt with physio and seeing him (he was on holiday for 2 weeks) bursitis went into overdrive, so he (physio) worked on it at that appointment, but suggested that another lady in the practice who is a sports masseur work on it because it’s the gluteal muscles and those down the outside of your leg as well as just the hip that are affected. And he suggested asking GP for cortisol injection. Had first one 3 weeks later (that’s how quick you can get an appointment), but GP did say I might need another because it’s a large area affected. Think he meant in general, not me personally 🤔!

So masseur works up the outside of my leg, trouble spots for me were outer shin, outer mid thigh, gluteus, and around hip. After 3 or 4 sessions she added in acupuncture in the worst areas - directly after the massage when the muscles are warm and freed-up. I did go back for another cortisone injection about 6 weeks after the first, in a slightly different place and have to say both worked in their own little patch! Now the only problem I have is my outer thigh and that’s 90% better than it was - just a niggle really.

In between massage sessions I use a small ball to massage each area - it’s about size of golf ball, but tennis ball is just as good. If you get your leg warm first, either a bath or let the hot water from a shower run on it that helps. I usually do when I get in bed, and again first thing in morning whilst your muscles are relaxed from sleep.

She’s also suggested if you overdo it with walking - just put some ice on it for 10 mins followed by heat.

The trouble, as usual I let mine go on too long, I just though hip was a bit stiff with age when I was doing Pilates - as you do! Really I should know better!

Unfortunately, apart from the cortisone injections, I’ve had to pay for treatment. But it’s that or be housebound!

There are exercises on the web if you have a look which might help if it’s not got too bad. Just type in bursitis or trochanteric bursitis exercises.

You will find if you google Trochanteric Bursitis that some suffers have experienced redness and a rash with the condition for which Boots do creams.

Poor you, I expect you were saving your sore hip which put pressure on the other one.

I hope you recover soon. As DL points out, there are effective treatments for this at least.

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There was someone who put a photo up a few days ago with a rash and was a condition called schnitzel or something. Can't rember proper name.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Hidden


You’re back....good. Are you feeling better?

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GrannyReid in reply to Hidden

I saw this. Rash looks very similar to mine. Will investigate. Thanks

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Hi DL if that's for me. Yes thanks. Just a wobble. Lol

Hi GrannyReid,

I have GCA/PMR and also had/have the Trochanteric Bursitis. It was first the left hip and later the right hip. The steroid shots did help me...a lot. I hope this input helps.


Thank you. Helps to know that we're not alone. Will ask for shot before I have a wee holiday at the end of the month.

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