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STRESS! What stress! It's not me, it's those around me!


I have successfully controlled stress since PMR diagnosis in July 2015 by Mindfullness and meditation. Even survived the hip replacement in May this year. But this week I am struggling not to " blow my top".

We are having our central heating flushed out.....wise to do it in the summer.....NO. It necessitated running the heating on Monday and Tuesday when temperature outside in south UK was nearing 30 degrees C. Then whilst darling Hubbie had a day out in MY sports car at a steam railway, the 4 workers descended with huge pumps, pipes etc for 7 hours, putting the bathroom out of use. Not easy on crutches! The system was then put under test......and yes you guessed it, the pump failed! The boiler is old.....probably better to replace advises plumber.

On Tuesday my husband had our shared smartphone stolen.......somewhere .......he has no knowledge!

Friday whilst he was on golf course, I went to garage for first time in weeks due to operation and crutches, to switch on tap to water garden. The shelves at front of garage were collapsed. When he returned I asked what happened to shelves. Oh! He crashed my car into the shelves which buckled and tossed tools onto the bonnet of my classic MG causing damage. He was just waiting for a good moment to tell me. There would never be a good moment! I am very very angry.👹👹

I can keep calm if only those around me and life would co-operate.

Meanwhile, holding my Prednisolone dosage at 4 mg per day and practising my Physio exercises and trying to increase mobility from a waddle to walking with crutches.

Enjoy the sun, the tennis, the football and for me the F1 at Silverstone, where I have to spot my daughter in her luminous orange top.


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POOR YOU! There is no other comment possible.

Oh Valnvaughan, any and all of that would send me into a tailspin. I hope your techniques can see your through. It is only things after all, everybody is safe. Is your daughter a racing driver or pit crew? She obviously comes from a high octane family!

Wow how come you haven't blown yet??? If that happened to me you'd hear it all the way from NZ. Good on you for your self control, I stand in awe.

My boiler is due for a service. Plumber always puts the heating on to check everything is working. Needless to say I haven’t made the appointment yet.....

It’s not like you can go sit in a cool garden is it? Sometimes you just just have to laugh (rather maniacally I will admit) at it all! Perhaps a glass of wine would help? 😉

Think I might have murdered him and plead insanity caused by victim. 😂

Maybe 🍷is a better option, less hassle. Am also in awe of your self control.

Good luck.

Oh my that is quite a list. Next week will surely be better. 🌸

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Oh crikey,

Hate to tell you, but next week it’s Friday 13th! 😳😉

Fingers crossed it came early for you. 🤞

Thanks to all who replied.

He still lives.......just! How could I keep up the anger when England did so well.

Think he's a very lucky chap!!

Ha! The beautiful game comes to the rescue! Have to admire the defence sometimes! Had a spate of similar crap a couple of months ago & still in recovery! Probably always been the same really! Just my expectation has gone up for some barmy reason! Sorry about the car. ATB