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Happy Easter! Year in how many to go:)


Hi everyone

Thanks for posting I do so enjoy reading everyone’s updates and progress. I am a year and 1 month on from diagnosis! What a year! There are something’s I have gained! A stone in weight! A reflection on what’s important! Setting a date to retire (not for 4 years!). Increased cholesterol!

There are some things I have lost. My fitness levels, a front tooth and lots of money trying to buy things that I had hoped would make my PMR go away:)

On a positive note I am down to 3mgs of prednisolone. I have been able to work full time and have had lots of great holidays.

Today I am looking for a new car. The realisation that my brain wants sporty but my PMR wants practical! I will let you know who wins but I am sure you can guess:)

It’s my 53rd birthday next week! I so hope I am PMR free by my 54th but I know that will not be my choice but my bodies:)

Another thing I have gained. The knowledge that PMR is in the driving seat not me:)

Happy 🐣 to you all !

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Hi JulieR2,

Happy Easter to you too. I think you have learned the hardest and best lesson of all and that’s acceptance. Everything good flows from that. 🌷

Happy Easter too Julie and l wish you a lovely birthday next week. I hope you will soon be free of PMR,it takes a long time tapering the preds and you have done well to get down to 3mgs.


Happy Easter! If you go with a practical car at least get it in red.


JulieR2 in reply to enan-illuc

Good idea:)

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