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Myelofibrosis Natural interventions

I was diagnosed with myelofibrosis in 2011. This is said to be incurable. However, I and a number of others on Cancer Compass have been improving our figures by taking very high doses of vitamin C and (care) selenium amongst other supplements. I have taken no medications for this at all. Two weeks ago my consultant said that whatever I am doing seems to be working! Haemaglobin improved and platelets now normal!

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HealthySense i think you’re in the wrong forum. Easily done.

Try this link:



Dear HealthySense - I have private messaged you about this post. It seems it is your first ever post on healthunlocked - there is a forum available to you (see the other reply). Thank you.


Can you help me ı am myleofıbrosıs too..ı am from turkey and 36 years female.can you gıve me e maıl Adress or Facebook please


Hello, Blondegirl36, There is hope if you have MF. Best thing is to log into Cancer Compass myelofibrosis section where a number of people are communicating regularly about natural health protocols which, according to the figures given appear to be working, and read back a bit. You will get help and support from several sufferers there:


This is a recent link, for example where a specialist has been using specific supplements which are regularly improving an 83-year-old woman who was originally having blood transfusions every week.

townsendletter.com/Dec2017/... ""

Really, even my consultant said, "This is interesting!"

Best wishes,



Healtysense please help me


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