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prunes seem to work!!!!!!!!!!!

For the past 6 years, I have been a home befriender. My lady turned 99 in Dec. Her wish is to get to 100, to receive a telegram from the Queen. She may well get there. She has had numerous falls. Today, when I arrived, she was on the commode. I was surprised as she is very immobile. I went to the kitchen to read the carer's notes, when she yelled for help. She was on the floor, fell off commode and lying between commode and chair. I told her to press her Careline button. Long story short..paramedics came, nothing broken, nor needed hospital. This lady has PRUNES, daily with breakfast, and has not yet broken a bone. She wasn't at all bothered by the fall, but loved all the attention!!

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Paramedics love most "Nan's down" calls - don't get beaten, kicked, spat at, vomited on...


Love that they are called "nan's down" calls. I think here it's probably "i've fallen and I can't get up" after a commercial on tv that has played for YEARS


Re the prunes, i am eating 5 prunes a day, instead of taking Alendronic Acid, as it didnt cheer me up when the doctor said they could affect your teeth, and if they became loose to stop taking it and contact doctor and dentist! (I gather from the GPs resident pharmacist that this is uncommon). There are two articles that people might be interested to read:

(I am not sure I could stand 10 prunes a day!

I am unsure about the Alendronic Acid, especially as my mother had bad osteoporosis, (lots of fractures in verbebrae) but am going to try and get bone density scan done, when I see the Rheumatologist at the end of April, good to have a base line I would have thought.

Good luck to the lady on reaching 100!



Seems to me it is a bit late by the time your teeth are loose!! It is uncommon - but not as uncommon as he thinks I suspect.


I am eating 5 prunes a day too - does this mean I will live to be 99?!

Seriously, I have osteoporosis and have taken a bisphosphonate drug for it (Risedronate) for the past year. I'm going to see GP in a couple of weeks and intend to ask if I can come off the drug, stay on the prunes, calcium and vitamin D and do more walking this year. Any guesses as to what his response will be?


Prunes for your bones! Prunes seem to be a wonder fruit. off to get some prunes. ! Do you suppose a lovely PLUM has the same effect?


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