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Update referral to Sarah Mackie


I have already posted this (drr) but it hasn't appeared. Probably ended up on someone's iPad as answer to their request for recipe for chicken soup!

Well I rang CCG ("if refused referral ring...") who gave me PALS number to ring. I know you're thinking same as I did - passing the buck. But no, the lady at Pals could not have been more helpful. I explained my appointment with GP, gave details she asked for and permission to deal with it. She rang back a couple of hours later saying I was refused because Sarah Mackie was more occupied with research and only had few clinics and I would have a long wait. This is such an outright lie. When I asked GP for Sarah Mackie's team he'd never heard of her, it was me who told him about her.

I think he refused my request because he was cross that I had asked for DXA, as my reason was that I was not happy to continue taking AA unless necessary. He said I should reduce preds 1mg every 4 weeks. When I said I'd a problem 9 to 8 so now I'm doing the very slow method it was obvious he was annoyed. So then my request to see a rheumatologist and SM in particular hit a nerve. I actually saw the balloon coming out of his head with the words written in blood, mine I suppose, "Who does this woman think she is ".

However the lovely lady from Pals said that they would try to refer me to Sarah Mackie. So I think now they will.

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I have been under the care of Sarah Mackie. You were given correct info regarding clinics. She works part time for Leeds university and part time in NHS as rheumatology consultant. I used to see her at Chapel Allerton, but she said she would be doing less clinics and follow ups would be at Wharfdale hospital. There is usually quite a wait for her clinics, but she is definitely worth holding out for. Good luck with your appointment. I was fortunate I live in KENT, and Sarah had offered an opinion with my complex case, and my GP was more than happy to arrange an out of area referral. I ended up staying under her care for almost 2 yr.


Hello run rig girl. I live in Kent too. Village called Meopham. Xxx


I live in the coastal town of Deal. I take it you have PMR?, my diagnosis was changed to ankylosing spondylitis in November. Hope you are doing well x


Go Girl! Well done you! 👏


Thank you SJ

I feel a bit better already.


Maybe time to think about a new GP? I gave my GP details of the Leeds Roadshow, before it was fully booked up, in the hope that someone from the Practice might attend - what are these patients like?!

See you there.

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Thanks Rugger, I have thought of changing GP but there are about 7/8 at this surgery so I will make sure to see a different one next time.



Hi Marlene, I had a brilliant GP who decided to leave and set up as a medical beautician! Since then I have gone round all five of our GPs and have just got back to the first one. They are all worse than average in my opinion. The surgery has had pretty low marks on their last assessment. I hope you have better luck.


Hi Piglet, thanks for your reply. Our surgery has very bad marks too. Most of our neighbours travel far and wide and I don't drive. Having said that my hubby is an excellent taxi driver thank goodness! A medical beautician eh - forget the PMR and have everything botoxed!

Thank goodness for the brilliant folks on this site as some of us clearly cannot rely on GP's.


Chertsey is nearer to you

Dr Rod Hughes – Consultant Rheumatologist and General Physician at Runnymede BMI Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey. NHS Consultant at the adjacent St Peter’s NHS ...

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