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for all the responses to yesterday's post. All your experiences and insights are so welcome particularly the good advice about 'recovery' and pacing myself.

I started a new drug this morning, Alendronic Acid which is to prevent bone loss in women. At least I only have to take it once a week. So a change in my early morning routine but so far so good.

Off to the Scottish Portrait Gallery today. It's just a short bus ride away and I can just crash on the sofa afterwards.

Best to all today,


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Hi Jane,

I took AA for four years with no problems, but we do advise people on here to check if they actually need it - many don’t and find that VitD & Calcium supplement which should have been prescribed is enough.

Unless you have a family history of osteoporosis or have it yourself then request a DEXA scan - that will confirm your bone density.

AA does not suit everybody, and why take another drug if it’s not required?

You will get plenty of replies regarding AA, and not many support it.


Very interesting! I don't have osteoporosis and no-one in my family had/has it either so I'm all for challenging why I need to take Alendronic Acid. And as you suggest I will request a bone scan to check my bone density. I was in pretty good health prior to my diagnosis so we'll see!

Thanks very much,


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If you do not have it and even if you did I would not take AA. But that is me. There is a lot of negative information on AA out there. Check it out before continuing. BUT I am not a doctor. Talk to your doctor. I do NOT know why any physician would recommend this drug or ANY drug without knowing if we actually NEED it!!!!


Because they have been told by the manufacturer's salesmen that it is a miracle drug that will prevent everyone ever having a hip fracture and has no side effects.

No it won't and yes it does!


Have you had a dexascan? Do you actually NEED alendronic acid? I have never taken AA in the 8+ years I have been on pred. My bone density after 3 months of pred was OK and in the following 7 years has barely changed according to dexascans. It is not inevitable - and, given the potential problems with use of AA for more than a couple of years, many of us and a lot of experts feel a wait and see approach is preferable.


I took AA for 4 weeks and it affected my oesophagus very badly - nasty burning pain, food getting stuck etc. I then had to take Omeprazole for a month to deal with those results.


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