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Just want to say a big thanks to all of you who replied to my first post. You helped me no end with your comments and sound advice. Trying to get by on painkillers and still feeling the pain was getting me down. I realised by reading the many replies, I needed to get back on the pred. You all gave me the confidence to walk into the surgery this morning and be able to say what I needed to say and hope my GP was with me all the way. Fortunately she was and has put me back on 5mg of Pred and has asked me to try and reduce the dose to 2mg by the time I see my Rheumatologist end of March. So...its back on Pred, back with the acne and back with the puffy face......does anyone know a good place to buy a face mask !! take care, Mazz

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  • I wouldn't take the reduction to 2mg by the end of March too seriously! That is a mere 6 weeks! You might manage to 3mg with a lot of luck!

  • I will certainly be careful this time, see how I go.

  • Hi

    Completely agree with PMRpro - bit of a pipe dream to get to 2mg within 6 weeks.

    Do what you can, but don't put yourself in pain again.

  • I take on board what you say, maybe asking too much to get down to 2mg in 6 weeks but I will if I can. Don't want the pain again especially my shoulders...dreadful.

  • Just reduce as you feel fit, do not even think of the 2mg as a target. If you make it fine, if you don't that is also fine. I am so glad your GP was enlightened and has given you pred. Hooray!

  • Yes, Hooray indeed......feel so much better this morning, in mind and body !

  • I'd like to echo what piglette has said - I don't think it's helpful to have a firm target by a certain date, it can be such a downer if not achieved. It can also put pressure on, and stress really doesn't help this condition. I really think it's better to take each day as it comes, keeping in mind that you're trying to manage on the lowest dose possible but recognising that the inflammation will dictate the rate of progress. I don't think there's any way round it - we're not in control beyond doing what we can to pace ourselves!

  • Thanks Patience, I understand what you are saying and I certainly won't stick to a firm target especially as I woke this morning with a fair amount of stiffness, which I wasn't expecting. However still much better than a few days ago when I could not lift my right arm with the pain. Also had a good nights sleep, maybe too much which made me feel quite stiff and some pain. I am wondering if 5mg is not enough.

  • Or you did a lot yesterday?

  • Yes, think you may be right. Felt so much better yesterday with starting back on the Pred and took the dog on a much longer walk. Won't do that again in a hurry.

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