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Hemp oil - Benefit?

After watching Gone to Pot with Pam St.mClement, who suffers with PMR, m wondering if anyone has any experience of taking Hemp oil. I know that the programme was looking at cannabis but this not being available and hemp being of the same family it was eluded to that there could be some benefit. When I have googled reviews they do vary in replies from being very beneficial for joint pain to no difference at all.

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PMR is not 'joint' pain. The problem is that the oxygen supply to the muscles, which is delivered by the blood supply is impaired. That is how it was explained to me, many years ago.

All auto-immune illnesses are complex, as it is the body going awry and attacking itself, because it thinks it needs too and, in a funny sort of way is trying to protect us. We are all different and live in different environments, have different genetics history and that is why they are so difficult when it comes to finding cause and then cure.

What I will say, is before anyone buys anything, either Over the Counter, or Homeopathic, they check with the Pharmacist that it is compatible with what you are already taking. This also includes when you are issued with a new medication by your GP. Pharmacists know more about contra-indication and compatibility than any one else. These people train for 7 year and before they are let loose on the public, the final year is spent working under a pharmacist.

Hope this helps and remember, every decision you make is yours to make. Just ensure you are quite clear and happy taking those decisions.



I know it’s been “recommended” for helping with arthritis, but can’t say I’ve ever tried it, nor know of anyone who has. But as jinasc says check with regard to adverse effects with other medication /supplements you take.


When I started with chronic pain/fibromyalgia I found full recreational cannaboids helped pain but was never sure if it was that I just didn't care anymore or pain relieved . If I had the money I would try creams and balms. I watched the programme with interest but still undecided. These days I check with pharmacist if I buy anything to put in or on body. As many have said on this forum before ...just because it's "natural" doesn't make it safe. I did take in in natural yoghurt lol😂

Maybe I am just becoming more risk averse.


This is a discussion that has come up regularly on all the forums - and I don't think there has been more than qualified joy about the use of dope: "it still hurts but I don't care as much" one lady said! So has poopadoop below (above? somewhere on this page...)

As jinasc says - it isn't joint pain - but this still seems to be something doctors are fixated on. I wish I knew why. I had synovitis and tendonitis as well - but that was a miniscule part of my symptoms.

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Btw...on "gone to pot" i am sure Pam st Clement said she had ta/GCA as well as PMR. Oh as much as I don't mind Biggins it was hilarious seeing him so out of it he couldn't speak...just smile. It's always the edibles that get you. Sorry for this reference to non uk/non tv watchers-I am pretty much stuck indoors this week...ill and bored is dangerous combination while attached to the internet. 🌻😜


Don’t waste your money grigs it does absolutely nothing for pmr and it cost me almost £50 to find that out🙄

But each to their own, some may find it beneficial but I never.


Hi, just putting my experience here. Started taking CBD (derived from cannabis) at end of July. I am in uk so its legal to buy this as it has no THC. Its sold in the high street in Holland and Barrett but I buy organic from a company in Suffolk. It only costs £17.95 for a 10ml bottle of CBD oil which lasts me 2 months.

I take it with the blessing of my gp and rheumy. I initially started it to help the osteo arthritis not PMR.I am now off all opiate painkillers (was on 8 a day). Replaced with 2 drops of CBD oil three times a day.

I am still on 19mg of steroid doing a slow reduction to avoid further flares. I have noticed that the CBD helps to keep my stomach in an even keel. The most remarkable thing for me has been the difference in fatigue. I have more energy and feel less tired all the time. Also recently I have noticed that the stiffness is lessened too.

Now I am a skeptic and have no issues with using medication but the reason I decided to try CBD was because the NHS wasn't prepared to supply my painkiller of choice (co-proxamol) anymore. Codeine doesn't work for me and opiates knock me for six. So that was why I researched CBD. My GP said he thought he would be prescribing this in his lifetime.

I watched with interest the program Gone to Pot and although it was made into a light sometimes hilarious show, there was some serious moments there. Pam St Clements walks just like I do and I loved her attitude to trying everything. At the end she said she was now trying CBD in the uk and she thought it was helping her stiffness.

The thing is with CBD you have to try it as everyone reacts differently and you may need to experiment with different products and doses to suit you. The body's endocannabidol system can take a while to wake up so its worth giving it a few weeks just to see.

I would advise talking to your gp first, finding a good supplier with an organic product. A good company will supply samples to try along with a small order so you can find something to suit. There's no need to spend loads of money to try it out. The company I use supply a 10ml bottle for £7.95 of a 14% CBD oil which is a good starting point.

I have even made my own CBD balm which I use to rub in to my knees and it seems to work as well as volterol gel!

If you live in the states, obviously your choices would be different. Its a case of try it and see. :)



Check with your pharmacist. They no more about contra-indications and compatibility then than medical professionals.

Twice my Pharmacists, would not fill in a prescription issued by my GP. Called him, told him why and he then prescribed another one, which fitted the bill, with what I was already taking.

Ask your Pharmacist before buying OTC or Homeopathic please.

Pam on the tele has had PMR for about 5 years - I have not seen the programme, did you say you now had GCA? Just curious.


Thanks for all the replies. Pretty much in line with what I’d researched and still no definite answers! I think the only way to be sure if it works for me is to discuss with GP then pharmacist before trialling it. Some good advice here, just need to make sure I get the right strength etc. Not going to rush into it.

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Hemp is a great natural nutritional supplement, the reason it is legal in the US is because it has less than 3% THC, the part that makes people get high... the main component in marijuana along with CBD.. There are a lot of companies selling Hemp Oil for outrageous prices.. I have done a lot of research and have several groups on fbf with a lots of input from others and 'Medical Marijuana' is what does everything from relieving pain to eating cancer cells under the microscope. People have gotten off of pain pills even antidepressants using Medical Marijuana which is legal in only a few States like California, Colorado and Nevada . The main reason marijuana is illegal is due to greed of Big Pharma.. unlike prescription drugs, there are no documented cases of anyone dying from marijuana. We have receptors for marijuana in our bodies.. Google Rick Simpson on Medical Marijuana or look him up on youtube... 'Run from the cure'


I use food grade hemp seed oil. I take one tbsp every morning, and I use it on my skin when needed - it's what enabled me to wean off hydrocortisone ointment some years ago. Don't know if the internal consumption helps or not but it's supposed to have a very good balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.


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