Feels good!

Anyone with PMR/GCA has probably shed a few if not for any other reason than frustration and anger at whats going on with their health..I know I have broke down once or twice..and you know what..it feels good afterwards, much easier to shed a few with the mood swings of prednisone! Haha...good link here...if it works..


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  • Thank you for posting! Can relate to the relief of crying too.

  • Don’t think you’re alone at all. I break down easily at the loss of my past life, what I can’t do and whether I’ll ever be that person again sadly. Take care darworm

  • Yes - crying does seem to relieve the pressure a bit. Cried this morning when I saw the pills I had to take just to keep going. I was someone who was reluctant to take a pill for a headache and now my required list is growing and growing! And, yes I think the tears are for that person we were and hoped we would be for more time than we had. Just hope that when this illness decides to give me and all you others a break, that we can regain that carefree spirit we once had. All the best DL

  • I find a darn good swear has a similar effect and doesn't make my eyes sore or nose stuffed up...

    It takes a bit to make me cry now - I really feel I can't be bothered. But I had a b£**%" good howl the other week when I got to the clinic in a strange town where OH was having radiotherapy to discover the road was being dug up. I could drive to the gate but there was no parking left and I had to turn (some idiot had parked blocking the only place it was easy), go back a single track road with trafic coming towards me to make the same discovery and then set off on my own down unknown even narrower roads with no diversion signs! And find somewhere to park. It was a horrible experience and I decided I wished I'd had rather more pred for the day!!!!!!

  • That experience would reduce the strongest of us to either tears or words!

  • Thank you for posting daworm. Have had a few tearful sessions on this Pred but then I think it can affect your emotions. On the whole I usually cry over very silly emotional films and programmes but in the more serious life events don't always cry. Doesn't really make sense! Could empathise with your situation PMRpro but couldn't press "like" What was there to like - I thought!!!

  • I started on 60mgs of pred, and went between crying fits and angry moods. I'm down to 5mgs now and it all eased of as I reduced the pred. I feel for you but it will get better x

  • I give myself 15 minutes every morning in the shower to feel sorry for myself. I never was one for crying. I just set about doing what needs doing, or get someone or something else to do what needs doing. Or decide no one will care in 100 years and so do not waste time, because it's the only thing we can't get back once squandered.

    I'd rather spend my energy finding something to laugh at, somethng to be grateful for, something beautiful to appreciate, some way to do a small kindness...sometimes I don't much feel like it but I do it anyway, and then I feel better.

    I'm still here. I'm still me. Maybe not as graceful. Maybe not as fast. Maybe not spending time and energy on things that make no real difference.

    But still singing and still laughing. Still learning and still growing.

    Take heart, my lovlies.

  • Didn't someone post on here a few days ago something about planning to age disgracefully?! Today I had tea with a woman who admitted to being 87 and when I said I hoped I would be like her when I'm 87 she beamed. Trouble is, I'm almost like her already and I'm 17 years younger. Will I get younger again when PMR&pred decide to leave? 😲

  • That wasn't me but I've been planning just that for a long time.

    My grandma taught me that good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere!

  • Love your grandma quotes,God Bless her!!!xx

  • All that singing and kneeling with PMR? And manna strikes me as sickly and insipid...

    No thanks!

  • Too many carbs in manna...

  • Thanks for the article, perfect timing. I had a breakdown yesterday. Sure, the prednisone has an effect, but week after week of the stress of not getting answers, realizing life will be a new normal, and dealing with pain, I am sure anybody would eventually snap. It was good to know it was therapeutic too! Also, I shared with my family to let them know it's ok to cry.

  • being a big tough guy (at least according to me!) its not easy to have a good cry...more to do in private, but it sure feels good after...get rid of all the frustrations if just for awhile!!

  • and now we know there's science behind it all!!!!

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