Flu vaccination

I received a text today from my surgery inviting me to have the flu vaccination. I've had this vaccination each year with no problems and realise that it's safe in spite of having PMR/GCA. However, I'm due to fly to Florida later his month and wonder whether I should have this before I go or whether to wait until I get back. I'm currently on 35mg Pred and don't plan on reducing any more until I'm home again.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this.


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  • Doesn't it make sense to get the shot before you're exposed to new germs in airports, etc?

  • My reason for the question was because there will only be two weeks before I travel and I dont know whether the PMR/GCA problems would mean that I could be feeling the effects of the vaccination for longer than usual, which would just add to the usual stresses of air travel. I presume from your reply that this isn't likely to happen?

  • Do people usually feel effects from the vaccination? I never get it. Had it only once and only effect I can remember is nearly fainting after I had it (never before or since had that reaction to a vaccination) and getting the most humongous long-lasting bruise imaginable.

  • Unfortunately, yes, it sometimes happens to me!

  • It has never bothered me - I've only ever had the flu jab since I moved here to Italy and never even had a sore arm.

  • You are very lucky......

  • If you are going to have it, do it soon because it takes a few weeks to get maximum response.

  • That was the reason for my question - there will only be two weeks between having the vaccination and travelling.

  • Two weeks is enough for the effect - and better to have a partially developed resistance than none at all. Plus, by the time you come home the UK flu season will have started so you don't want to have to wait then.

  • Doesn't Prednisone supress the immune system? How can the flu shot be effective?

  • Because it works to some extent - and so your body has had some practice with something that CAN'T cause real flu. If it is faced with the virus for the forst time when it CAN cause flu you could be in trouble.

  • Have it before you go Janann, all that recycled air. I didn't turn a hair with mine and I am er too imaginative.

    You and Florida are going to be a match made in heaven, you'll see. These butterflies are excitement! 🌴

  • Thank you - I'll definitely have it done on Saturday 😀

  • Good plan! Have a fab time!

  • If it's any help, aircraft are one of the best places to pick up a flu or cold germ. So I would think get it done now

    Have a great time and enjoy it without worrying

    Pete 🙂

  • Hi did you find it difficult to get insurance ? My husband has recently been diagnosed and we have a son who lives in America. We are only at the beginning of his treatment still having infusions etc


  • I actually had no problem. I already had world wide insurance cover with my bank - I had my review in March and, because I wasn't diagnosed until May of this year, my insurance will still cover me for the year. Also, my doctor was ok with me flying so that obviously helped. My steroid treatment is by Pred tablets so I dont know whether the infusions etc which you mention would make any difference. I really hope you get to see your soon very soon.


  • Thank you, all is going to plan at the moment and my husband is having good care. Good to see you are able to travel it has been a worry .

    Have a great holiday

  • Thank you! It will be my first visit to America so I'm VERY excited!!

  • I think it's six of one and half a dozen of the other.

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