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Actemra and Prednisone and next reduction

So after 6 shots of Actemra down to 12.5 with an ESR of 5 and CRP of 1. For me it's a miracle. Been on each reduction 2 weeks. Following protocol. Love when New Rhuemy says "12.5 what do you think"? Eye here's the rub (think that's English expression) if blood ok next reduction is to 10 which is more than 10%. But for over 2 years I did .5 a month and still relapsed at 12 twice. He will leave it up to me but again if blood is good do I follow protocol????????

Thank you for your kind words PMRGCAuk.

Your member and friend in the US Marilyn.

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Hi Marilyn,

Well done, no wonder you’re chuffed (English for delighted!).

As for next step, maybe a little too big...but symptoms rather than bloods are the key.

I can understand you’re a little reticent to risk a 2.5mg drop - can you cut tablet to give you 1.25 or are they the coated enteric ones. Maybe you could try alternate day at 12.5/10 for the first week and see how that is.

Never been on Actemra so can’t comment on that side of things.

Good luck.


Yes thank you I think I will do 10 and 12.5 every other day for the first week. We do have the coated tablets at the cost of $300 a month or was that a week I'm not sure. Insurance would not pay (medicare). With me bloods move first and quickly. Symptoms don't come on until the very end when ESR is back to 85. I feel lucky that the blood let me know before the pain. Right now I am very happy but leery waiting for the other shoe to drop.(American expression).


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