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Success! Off of prednisone and Actemra.


Hi. GCA/PMR 8-2017, start 60mg prednisone. 10-2017 started weekly shots of Actemra and started tapering prednisone. Miracle happen Feb. 1,2018... I found this forum! I read the post of others, got educated more on these disease and began to believe “ I can get through this”. And I did. Last prednisone, 11-2018. Tapering off Actemra 7-2019!! I am doing great . I have found my “new normal”. Active ( running and exercising)but not as intense. Happy to be in Club Zero! Thank you to ALL who contributed to this forum!!

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Great - long may it last! Do drop in occasionally!

Fabulous news Kentucky5. Congrats :) :) :)

Well done you. Always great to hear a success story. Keep well!




Congratulations! I can attest to feeling much better for the time I was taking Actemra.

Congrats, just like Gladys, someone who took part in the TCZ trial and 1 year later - into remission and still in remission.

Well done Kentucky5!

Drop in and let us know how you are doing. This is great news.



So happy for you , and so happy that all the folks on here were a help and support to you in your Mission to Club Zero!!

It's great for us all to here news like this , not just because it gives us all hope for a Pred free future , but also because we can feel we are still contributing to making a real difference in the World by giving others the encouragement and support they need when we often feel restricted from doing much else.

Don't forget , you need to keep pacing yourself for the next six months and resist jumping into the ' Old Habits' too quickly , your body is still trying to get back to being

100% ' Match Fit' and you don't want to push it now and waste all that good work.

Cock-a-hoop the ' New Normal' is working for you , hugs , Aunty B x

So pleased for you and great encouragement for everyone. Keep in touch if you can.

I am so happy to hear a success story. Gives me hope that this may one day happen for me as well. Some day I need to just hold on to something like that. So happy for you. Thanks.

Congrats!! I need to hear stories like this among all the posts that focus on medical/symptom woes, to provide hope and remind me that folks DO go into remission....we just don’t hear about it as often.

Thanks for sharing, and I wish you a future free from PMR!

Wonderful 💐💐💐!!

Thank you everyone! 😊

You are my hero!!! I want to be just like you. I am down to 6 mg of prednisone and doing the Actemra every Monday. Can I ask if you had any side effects from the Actemra? My main complaint is tiredness, but there is also other stuff going on, and like everyone, I blame the prednisone but just wondering if some of it could be the Actemra. Congratulations on your renewed health!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to luv2read

One adverse effect of Actemra can be fatigue.

Great news!! I'm so happy for you!

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