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Hello all. I'm on 5mg pred and stable after a good few weeks and think I'm fit to take next step in taper. I had been doing a .25mg a week drop but went a bit wonky at 4.5mg. I think I might be better served to try the proper slow taper. I saw the resource for devising your own taper that you can print out a calendar but what with a brain full of treacle and so on, I can't remember where that resource is. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Many thanks in advance. :)

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  • Hi Cliff,


    I've found it really useful.

  • There may be no @, but if you google steroid taper, you should find it.

  • Hi,

    Look at pinned posts on right hand side of page - 4th one down

  • Thanks. Said my brain was full of treacle!


    is the old-fashioned, use a pencil and paper version!

  • Thanks all. :)

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