Waiting an extra week to taper

Hoping someone can advise me here, my Rheumy has me tapering by 2 mil every 4 weeks, this began on June 23 so I'm supposed to taper another 2 percent next week but am going away for a week and want to stay where I am an taper when I get back. Not sure if I want to call and ask him afraid that he will tell me to do it but I'm afraid to be out of state and get a flare. Since the first taper I'm ok, not 100 percent like I was but who knows what will happen if I go down another 2 percent and am so far from home.

Don't think it should hurt if I delay the next reduction but feel better if someone here either agrees or disagrees.


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  • Shastring, I've put off a taper on occasion for various reasons. Knowing my body, Hubby and I are the ones to make that type of decision. I doubt you would ever regret it but you might regret tapering and then having a problem.

    I've come to realize ( finally), we aren't running a race with these diseases....just trying to eventually get to where we want to be....a few days won't change the end result .Doctors tend to be in a rush but most of them haven't experienced a Flare.

    Be well, CJ

  • HI chatthesea and thank you so much for the quick and very helpful info. I agree with all you said. My hubby tends to want me to listen to every word the Dr says but he also sees how great I felt on the higher dose and agrees why upset the apple cart especially before vacation.

    Since my diagnosis in Feb I feel the tapering is a bit to soon, I had a previous Rheumy who tapered me way too soon and by to much and I wound up in ER, now I have a great Rhemy but he too has started after only 5&1/2 months so not sure why but will not do any more until we get back.

    You too be well and thanks again,


  • Shastring. Your on your own with tapering a week won't make a difference. Talk when you return. Have a good trip

  • Thanks Nap, doing just that and enjoying time with my kids & grandkids!


  • I was in the same situation last month. I didn't want to risk a flare or withdrawal whilst on holiday. So I just maintained my dose for two weeks and started to taper again when I got home. Personally I would stay at a comfortable dose, enjoy your trip without added stress of reducing. As others have said, a couple of weeks won't make a difference. Have fun on your trip X

  • Thank you Carol, I am taking every ones advice here & appreciate it.


  • There are two reduction plans (devised by patients for patients. They are free of charge.

    Just send an email to pmrgcafightersne@googlemail.com Subject heading Reduction Plans and they will be emailed to you.

  • Thank you have just sent email requesting reduction plan . Whilst respecting professionals , I know my own body and would like another guideline

  • Shastring, I agree wholeheartedly with your plan to stay where you are until after your holiday. We always suggest clearing the decks and taking things very easy during the week or so surrounding reductions anyway, and although holidays can be relaxing, a long journey back and fore can prove a challenge in itself. Have a lovely holiday.

  • Thank you Celtic, I'm doing just that and leaving with peace of mind, dont want the grandkids to see me in pain!


  • Tapering after 5 1/2 months is fair enough - the starting dose is usually well above what you will really need so, in fact, aiming for the target of the lowest dose that gives the same result as that starting dose is reasonable after about 6 weeks. What I personally don't agree with though is the speed at which he has said to reduce - 1mg at a time is easier from all aspects and even 2mg every 4 weeks is pretty fast. It doesn't really allow much time to know if the new dose is still enough and your body takes a couple of weeks to settle down anyway. Youi don't say your current dose - anything more than 10% of the current dose is pushing it (said USA expert rheumies some years ago) and that means 2mg is just about OK at 20mg but not below.

  • If you've got enough prescription stay where your at . Is it gca you have ? As people with gca usually have standby large dose for sudden flare .

  • I am currently working my own plan around the advice given by my doctor on the advice he was given by the rheumy. I will end up where they want me to be at around the same time but doing it 1mg at a time.

    I think we spend our whole lives taking the advice of Doctors, Teachers, Parents and somehow in our heads they are still the grown ups and know best! Of course the Dr's are the professionals....but we are now grown ups and can use the advice sensibly whilst listening to the needs of our bodies.

    Have a safe and flare free trip.

  • This is coincidental- I JUST went through this- I waited until I returned to taper down, it was an additional 11 days at dose I felt no pain, as I wanted to have no worries added as I traveled . I'm glad I did such, as there was an altitude change, and coughing people in the plane which certainly added stress to my system :) there isnt any thing but time in our life to taper once home.

  • Thank you Klairvoyant,

    I totally agree!


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